Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Barbie- Dreamtopia flying wings fairy doll

I had a huge Barbie collection as a child and even though at times in my parenting journey I have often had issues with the body image which the original and previous barbie dolls have projected I have to say that I feel that Mattel has come a looong way in introducing dolls into their collection that encompass and encourage every child who owns one to pursue their dreams, play out their imagination and to even own a doll that reflects their own image in race, culture or figure, all of which are so incredibly important and not just if you have a daughter as some would think but today's boys are struggling even more with body image than ever before.

Now my middle son loves what would be seen in general society as "girls" toys he always has and I don't have one bit of an issue with it, I don't believe that forcing a child to play with what is termed "gender appropriate" toys should be a thing so what if a boy plays with a doll or a girl a truck?  So when I received information about a the new Barbie Dreamtopia flying wings doll I knew it would be something that my son would love.

* Each Flying Wings fairy doll comes wearing a tiara with two pairs of flying wings.  The doll cannot stand alone and colours and decorations may vary.

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