Monday, 12 March 2018

Food for thought and rambles....

If there is one thing I have realised as a mum to special needs kiddos it is that whilst there is a wealth of new information, medications and such available in today’s age than there was previously the amount of support and support systems available to the families of children and loved ones with special needs is severely lacking.

I have emotional disorders of my own and I have often wondered why the universe saw fit to grant me 2 amazing special needs kids when I am not exactly emotionally equipped at the best of times to handle myself let alone foster the emotional needs of two spectrum minions, as time has gone on I have fought their fight, at school, in public and at home, fiercely the rights of children with special needs is something I advocate for and am incredibly passionate about, I have seen the lack of attention and care made available to these kids in the public schooling system, I have witnessed first-hand how incredibly difficult it is to get a proper diagnosis and find a great doctor whom you trust and will work with you and not simply prescribe and move on, I have seen this made even more difficult without access to medical aid or a stream of funds and how something as simple as your child’s chronic medication can lead to financial ruin for a family, and I have witnessed first-hand how incredibly emotionally taxing and draining this can all be on the child, their immediate and even extended family.

This weekend I had what can only be described and an emotional and mental break down, I was tired, tired of fighting this fight tired of the struggles tired of just trying to get by on a daily basis with what is left of my sanity and my children’s sanity and well-being intact, the kids fighting, the house constantly a mess, work, school, health everything weighs down and eventually one has to reach a breaking point somewhere, I put on shoes ready to run ready to walk out the door, I sat on my bed and I cried a bucket of tears… and then I took off my shoes went downstairs and got my children into bed, I spoke with them, kissed them all goodnight and went to bed myself, ready to start another day…. Because they are worth the fight, they and every child with struggles be it emotional, mental or physical, they deserve to be fought for fiercely and with everything one can give, I am tired boy am I tired but I can only see a fraction of the struggles they embrace on a daily basis, and their teachers their amazing teachers, our family members, we are so incredibly blessed and we have what so many do not.

My kids school is the ONLY special needs registered school in our area and the others outside of the area have waiting lists a mile long and don’t come with the highest recommendations, we have around 100 kids who attend our school and yet we are struggling to keep our doors open because there is just not enough support and aid available, it simply isn’t fair or right and it makes me question what is wrong with the world that people would rather turn a blind eye than reach out and help, these kids, these families, they have nowhere else to go and that is an incredibly scary thought.
I watched a history series yesterday and they recanted stories of revolutions, of people and children from all works of life, able and non-able bodies, racial minorities and many different cultures, backgrounds fighting for what they believed in and were passionate for, each story as awe inspiring as the next and it just made me think… where is this fight today, when did people lose their passion for human empathy and compassion..

It’s something to think on….

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