Monday, 15 January 2018

LUSH- Christmas Cheer- Gift box

I know this review is late, but to be fair I only got this box after Xmas and on sale to boot.  Every year I have waited with bated breathe and anticipation to see if LUSH would introduce a boxing day sale as they do overseas but alas it never happened, until this year, I was scrolling through my instafeed and wham 50% off LUSH Xmas stock, I just about died from happiness.

Now I have reviewed LUSH products on this blog before but for those who don't know, LUSH is a store that sells all natural, mostly vegan skin care, beauty and bathing products, their stuff is literally good enough to eat and on the rare occasion that I do brave Canal walk I can smell the store from a mile off.

My favorite product and scent in their range just happens to be a Halloween/ Xmas scent called the Lord of Misrule, patchouli and black pepper heaven in a scent I tell you when my hubby was able to visit the Oxford Street branch when he went to England on a work trip he brought me back the body wash which I savored until the very last drop.

So of course I was so excited, however there is a catch, South African stores are not lucky enough to stock the Lord of Misrule body wash only the bath bomb (If anyone at LUSH reads this PLEASE bring the body wash into SA), and when I looked at the fact that we are in a drought and that you just cannot enjoy a LUSH bath bomb in a few cm of water I decided to find a gift box instead and one that contained products that I could still use without a full bath and a guilt trip.

I adore fruit scents, Lush usually leans towards candy, spicy smells for Xmas which just arent in my usual line of taste so I was very happy to see that this year they opted for more fruit scents, after much scrolling and decision making I chose the Christmas Cheer gift box, I paid 50% of the price, so under R150 and I got 3 products in the box namely:

Bubbly Body wash

I absolutely love the smell of this body-wash, the wash contains vine leaf, lemon, lime and fresh grape juice, to me it smells like a fruit ice lolly, the scent is incredibly strong and wakes you up as you are using it.  I did find that the scent didn't seem to linger after I had finished in the shower though, however after my kids had used it I noticed the smell would waver through the air whenever they walked by me or hugged me, and one day after getting out the shower hubby asked me what smelled so great so I am not sure if it is a case of simply not being able to smell my own scent or maybe my sense of smell was just having an issue, a bought of flu did go through our household at that time so it is possible.

The wash also leaves my skin feeling incredibly moisturized and smooth which considering the awful hot and sickly summer weather we have had of late is perfect.

Santa's Belly bath Jelly

The bath Jelly's have always intrigued me although not something that I think I would have bought on my own I'm glad I received one in the box, the scent is bergamot, fresh grape and apple, does that not sound frikken amazing?  I will admit the jelly was a bit daunting and in the end I just went with the recommendation of using a small bit at a time instead of the whole thing and it worked.

Would I buy it again, I am not sure but only because of the Jelly appeal, I think I just prefer a soap or a wash.

Christmas Citrus Soap

The last thing in my box was the Christmas Citrus Soap and this was by far my favorite product in the box lime oil, bergamot oil and fresh lemon, again the smell was fresh and wonderful and left my skin feeling great, my only complaint but it is a fault of my own is that the soap melts super quickly so keeping mine in the shower reduced the size of the product incredibly quickly which just made me sad.

All in all a lovely box full of 3 wonderful products that I was all to happy to receive.

If you haven't tried LUSH I would highly recommend it, they are cruelty free, as as I have said chemical free all natural and mostly vegan, the LUSH employees are awesome and they know plenty about each and every product so if you are not sure or you are looking for something specific they will help you find what you need.

My favorite set of products is most definitely their shampoo bars which offer incredible value for money and in the drought and for travel they are perfect, The honey I washed the kids bar smells like sweet toffee and I could eat it, it just smells that good.

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