Monday, 11 December 2017

My 30th Birthday Cake- The Whisk Studio

This weekend my family put together a small braai to celebrate my birthday, I had a wonderful time family, braai wine, what more could a girl ask for right.

How about the most awesome cake ever, I swear I just about died of happiness when I saw my cake it was absolutely gorgeous full of the most amazing detail and it tasted as great as it looked, red velvet and cream cheese icing my favorite.

The cake was made by the Whisk studio run by Bianca Morelli and Ines Correia, together they are the perfect balance of perfection, I love cake guys I don't rave about any ol cake their cakes are just amazing.

The also make pre-made cookie mixes and iced cookies, they also have a host of xmas goodies that they make to sell as well which are so YUM, if you are looking for a cake I highly recommend popping over to their page to see what they have made in the past, you wont be disappointed!



  1. I feel the urge to say "Booooo-ooook" the calling of the beloved book from Hocus Pocus! Absolutely stunning!

  2. That cake is absolutely stunning!!
    Happy Birthday <3