Wednesday, 1 November 2017

We are a community, we are South Africa!

This was going to be a post about Halloween and how we celebrated but sitting with my cup of coffee this morning I decided that this post was going to go in a completely different direction.

You see last night may have been about candy and dress up for the kids but for me in particular with hindsight it was a wonderful display of community and mutual respect.

I was never raised to know my neighbors my mother is the kind of person who keeps very much to herself and if she runs out of sugar she would rather go to the store or go without than go next door if you get my drift, so I have also never been very much inclined to know my neighbors.

When I begrudgingly arranged to take my kiddos out last night I will admit I was not up to it at all, I was tired not feeling well and the idea of kids on a sugar high was not something I was excited about #sorrynotsorry, but Loghan being Loghan nagged and nagged... and nagged he drove me dilly until I gave in and I arranged with a friend to meet up and walk through some of the streets of some of our neighborhood.

Bearing in mind that Halloween celebrations aren't or haven't become s South African thing until very recently I would say it is becoming more popular every year but I don't recall it being something that was done at all until maybe 3 years ago this would be the third year that we have taken the kids out, personally I love Halloween so I think it's great that one is now able to take the kids out without people slamming doors in their faces or telling you you are a satanist for taking your child out which still happens but very few and far between especially since those who do partake now hang something on their door or decorate to let the kids know its ok to pop by.

We set out at 18:15 and returned home after 8, we walked from street to street encountering friendly face after friendly face, many people went all out with colorful decorations and props, many people chose to set up deck chairs on their lawns and smiles and laughter filled the air as children ran around excitedly meeting new friends and old and complimenting each others costumes. We met people old and young, different races and cultures, we even encountered a wine station for moms(a friend of ours who knows just what tired moms need lol) and it was just so heartwarming and wonderful to see everyone out together as one community, there was no hate, just everyone having fun getting to know their neighborhood and community members.

Our country is in a very sad state, our government continues to sit back and cry racism and minority they incite violence and turn a blind eye... this is not South Africa... what I saw last night is South Africa, everyone coming together laughing and sharing... this is our community and these are our people, it may seem trivial and silly I know at that when I woke up yesterday I didn't think I was going to feel this way about a trick or treat session but it truly was a wonderful evening and one I feel is a perfect display of what we are and can be.

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