Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Infinite Bunny- God of War sword

Jesse turned 4 last week and I have to be honest we were really at a loss for a while about his birthday gift.

When we asked him what he wanted; he would say a Kratos sword and bow that was it over and over every time we asked, if you are not sure Kratos is a character from God of War a game based on greek mythology and the journey of one sparten warrior, there was just one teeny tiny problem, do you think you can get these things in SA or anywhere for that matter, ah nope, so we were at a loss because we knew how much he wanted those items.

Then I remembered that a friend of mine (who had made my wedding jewelry a few years ago) not only makes stunning one of a kind jewelry pieces but she has also extended her talents to prop and cosplay items, I reached out to her and asked her if there was anyway she could make the items Jesse had requested in an affordable manner that would also be safe; because every mom knows that a anything in the hands of the toddler/preschooler can constitute as a a dangerous weapon of mass destruction.

 To my delight Sam accepted the challenge, 2 weeks later she delivered the sword and bow and the next day I had an incredibly happy birthday boy who has not put it done since he received it and goes through great lengths showing it off to everyone he comes across.
The sword is incredibly light weight, made of EVA foam, with a pvc pipe inserted into the handle leading into the blade so the sword is solid but the blade is still soft and flexible, Sam took great lengths to ensure that it was not only well made but that it wasn't going to hurt Jesse or anyone else should he choose to go all super spartan on any unsuspecting visitors or friends, already he has rammed it, dropped it, thrown it etc and it is still in the same condition as it was when we received it, the attention to detail is impeccable and looks exactly like the pictures I sent through, bar the chain which is usually pictured on the sword which she chose to omit for safety reasons I completely agree with, so in short I am one very happy momma with a very happy child.

The sword and bow together were also incredibly affordable and I really feel the love and time that went into making it for us, I also love that she took the time to send me updates and to walk me through and explain the process of how the sword was made and why she used the materials she did etc, she listened to what I wanted and I really feel like we got what we asked for in every aspect.

I would encourage you all to pop on over to her page and take a gander at some of the items she has made, she recently completed a Daenerys Targaryen dragon necklace which is absolutely stunning and she painstakingly glued and painted each and every scale on that piece, I am incredibly proud to have Sam as a friend and to recommend her work to others and I would just like to say thank you for making Jesse the happiest God of War mini fan around, I only wish my photos did the details the justice they deserve.


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  1. You are so very welcome my friend. It was such an honor to make this for you and your son.