Monday, 5 June 2017

Life lately

Hello again everyone on this rather chilly Monday.

First off I’m just happy as heck to have this colder weather although it does mean that everyone is falling ill, including Jesse who taken up permanent residence in our bed over the past few days, the weather starts off freezing in the morning and then by lunch you are dying from the heat and by the evening you are freezing again so it’s no surprise that everyone is ill.

Anyhoo so how has life been otherwise?  Well it has been a bit crazy, I did something I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever do and I signed up for the boys school governing body, I have to be honest I never in my wildest dreams comprehended just how much work is involved in the running of an independent school and I take my hat off to the principle of the boys school who up until now has done everything on her own which I think is simply amazing!
So now she has a little help and it’s been a great learning experience so far and I feel proud that I can contribute in some form, I have never been the kind of parent who wants to involve themselves or hold responsibility for the running of the kids schools but over the past month I have changed my opinion because truth be told I believe in the vision of the schools principle and since Jesse will also be attending in the future I want to ensure that the school and the vision are upheld for many many more years to come, the school is very much needed in our area and the principle has given so much of herself to ensure that it became a reality so I feel that as a parent it really is the least I can do.

Apart from that exams are fast approaching, my chest tightens at the thought, Loghan achieved great marks last term in all but two subjects, it was our first exam rodeo and we know what we need to focus on this term so I have high hopes, we start our study plan tonight which should be interesting as Loghan’s meds are of course long gone by this time, however I have broken the nights up into 20 minute sessions and by doing this I hope that we can hold his focus and get the basics down as needed.

The boys each acquired a fidget spinner on Friday as well, now I’m not going to argue that they are not a trending distraction for most A typical kids however for some (not all) non neuro typical kids it can be a great focus tool so I am hoping it will help at least one of my older two, Gabriel in particular struggles with anxiety during school hours, we have also started him on tissue salts and natura drops to help with this, I haven’t seen much of a difference yet but it is still early days and I know natural remedies often trake a bit of time so I am just crossing fingers because we are hoping to avoid a chemical aid if possible.

Last week for instance Gabriel wrote or was supposed to write a spelling test, he studied so hard asked me to quiz him morning and night the whole week and then when I went to collect the boys on Friday I was advised that he didn’t write the test he walked out the class, I was devastated he really worked so hard, some family members believe it is a focus issue I believe it is anxiety related but the drops and tissue salts are aimed at both so hopefully one of them if not both will help.

Otherwise it’s been a mad mix of orals, written tasks and such on the school side combined with birthday parties galore socially which has been fun for the kids and mentally exhausting for us adults, on Saturday we arrived home from one at 5pm and got strait into bed, I am not ashamed so no judgment needed, it was bliss to say the least and last night we were in bed pretty much right after the boys went to bed at 19:30, my house has never been so calm, I am always at peace when all my kiddos are under one roof, am I the only blended family mum who feels like this?

Otherwise all is well and I am eagerly anticipating what is supposed to be a rather large storm on Wednesday and Thursday, we sure do need it right now with the water crisis being what it is, I will say one thing it really has been a learning experience for my kids who try as I might have never been very water conscious, through the crisis they have learned to save and reuse water where possible so I am very grateful for that.

Stay warm and safe everyone!

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