Friday, 5 May 2017

a term out of mainstream- how its been

Hellooooooo everyone on this wonderful wintery day.

So I just thought that I would pop in and do an update on how it has been for the boys and us since removing them from mainstream schooling, I know its a bit passed a term but I wanted to wait until I received Loghan's report and the school moved as well so I wanted to see how everything fell into place post that before sitting down to give my thoughts.

So first off we moved Gabriel over at the beginning of this term and aside from one or two minor tantrums it has been an AMAZING change, I can see a change in both his mood and approach to his day, when he comes home he is eager to tell me what he got up to and what work they did, all this without the aid of medication, I cannot explain how happy this makes me, to fetch him from school and breath a sigh of relief knowing he is happy and enjoying school.

With regards to Loghan the move to the new premesis has done him a world of good, he is making friends, he is eager to go off in the mornings where as before he would hang onto me before school, both of them would, I dont have that anymore.  Loghans report was great there are 2 subjects we need to work on but other than that his highest mark was 89% for maths which is brilliant and we are so incredibly proud of him.

The school has gained the support needed and the move has meant we are now in a school zoned building and will incur no more issues from ahem trolls (I'm being nice), we have the backing of the education department and will be registering as an independent special needs school which is great.

The move has meant extra expenses and we are going to need to work on more funding and donations as many of the parents cannot afford to pay school or curriculum fees, we are also trying to put together a sensory room for the kids and are looking for items to use for that as well, so its going to take time as all good things do, but I could not be happier.

So all in all everything is falling into place, as far as the school is concerned I think that the boys are being exposed to such a wide range of difference not only between the types of disorders each child has but also  there are children from all backgrounds, many languages and cultures which I think is wonderful and I love that my children are being taught to love and accept everyone for who they are not where they come from or the colour of their skin, their culture or background, they are being taught that all of them are special, that each and every person is special and wonderful and has their own gift and purpose in life.

I am really thankful that we found the school and made this decision and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.


  1. So happy for you - that things are falling into place. Thank you for sharing.

    1. thank you and thank you for taking the time to read and ask questions

  2. I'm always happy when kids do better at school. As an educator I believe parents make the best decisions about their kids. It sounds as if things are working out for you and yours. Bless!

    1. thank you very much I think it is great that we at least have access to different options, not one child is the same or functions and develops in the same manner or at the same pace and I am so happy that we have found a place that acknowledges that as many places don't, thank you for taking the time to read and comment teaching is such thankless profession sometimes and its so sad because so many teachers change their children's lives for the better just by spending that extra time and love on them