Monday, 24 April 2017

called out by my 7 year old

As much as I would love to be and as hard as I try I am not a pinterest mom, I can gush and oom and aw for hours, I make list upon list and pin recipe and template after template but at the end of the day pinterest always give me a swift keep up the pattootie and I walk away defeated.

One of the things that I have sought help with from there in the past is lunch packing...gosh how I hate it, my youngest has all his meals provided and I happily pay the extra amount for it because it means one less box to stress about.

My older two still need lunch though and so every month I am left in an attempt to provide my kids with something substantial that my kids will both eat, that doesnt need to be microwaved and that can survive at room temperature conditions for a few hours, not as easy as it seems, Im sure there are many other moms who feel my pain.

Also I would like to point out that as much I try all the extra goodies and such never last the month so as we head towards month end I am always having to improvise with what I have, so this past week since the kids went back to school, I have baked muffins with tender love and care, I have added sarmies with ham and cheese, yogurt and fruit, some savory crackers and a chip packet for a treat etc, all lovingly packed and prepared, I may not like doing it but when I do it is always with love, somewhat grudging love on a bad day but love all the same.

So I was left gobsmacked this morning when Gabriel opened his lunch box and remarked aloud how unhealthy his lunch was and that the only good thing in there was the yoghurt and fruit.

I told him that the sarmie and crackers were healthy, the muffin not so much but hey it will fill the gap well, but nope I was told that his teacher told them their parents need to pack healthy lunches for them and that they can only eat the unhealthy stuff post school.

Now look I understand completely believe me, I have tried celery and carrot sticks with hummus, I have tried salad wraps and bran oatmeal bars, with cut up fruit salads and nuts, and when I did most of it would come home as it was served except it would return soggy and nasty and I would have to throw it all away, besides that I dont always have the money to spend especially when its just going to come home again.

I applaud his teacher for encouraging them to eat healthy I really do, but cut me some slack my child for all the meals I loving prepare for you, I always make sure you get in your fruit and veg, we don't do take aways or sweet things every day, I encourage you to exercise and drink plenty of water, we do this all as a family and yet you still mange to make me hang my head in shame and want to run away from your teachers gaze when I see her over something as simple as a lunch box.

Time to hit the pinterest boards again I suppose... sigh


  1. Oh come on. Why is the sarmie not healthy? And you can get more savoury muffins as well. Honestly I think the teacher should be called out here. We used to have a system at my old school where they could bring sweets etc on a Friday.

    1. I'm not sure if the teacher said that a sarmie was unhealthy or it was my sons interpretation, otherwise maybe its the white bread Ive tried brown Gabriel just trashes it closest I can get is the best of both, Muffin wise I do ham and cheese, strawberry vanilla, apricot and chocolate whatever I have. I think she means well and maybe Gabriel has just taken it over the top I'm not sure I'm keeping an eye though if it starts to affect what/how much he eats I will have a chat with the teacher, having gone through a body image/eating disorder I would hate for my kids to get a warped sense of food and their bodies. I have seen some schools where they take it to a whole other level and parents are called out for everything that isn't salad, whole wheat or quinoa, I understand the need to keep kids healthy etc but sometimes parents have to work with what they have and I think as long as what you pack in is mostly healthy and will sustain them through the day then it should be fine. I also agree with Friday treats if they have had a good week then they have earned it