Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Autism awareness

For anyone who is not aware, Sunday the 2nd of April was Autism awareness day.

I didn’t share much on Sunday not because I didn’t want to but because we spent the day celebrating my father’s birthday as well as together as a family, we took a long walk… well run for the boys along the beach and then we went on to my mother’s place for a good ol braai, it was lovely.

As we walked along the beach I walked mostly with Loghan, hand in hand and I marvelled at him as we went, I marvelled at just how far we have all come together as a family and just how much Loghan has grown, not only physically but as a person as well.

He is quickly growing into a young man, one I am so incredibly proud of, it seems like a life time ago that he was diagnosed when actually it was only a short few months ago, but the journey we have travelled has spanned over years and we really have come so far.

I thought about our world today and how awareness of autism has grown, but also how few people actually understand and are educated about Autism in the grand scheme of things, I worry so often about the future about whether Loghan will be able to drive a car without distraction or to live on his own or work within a normal social environment, I know that whatever happens we will always do what we can to encourage and support him because I know if given this he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding autism and what it is and the disorders often associated with it or in conjunction with it, it makes me sad that so few people are aware and knowledgeable, it is my hope that we are parents and as a people/ community can spread the word so that more people are aware, that more people will understand and that more opportunities and support will be offered, to families, to children and also to adults with autism… because it isn’t something that just goes away, you aren’t autistic today and grow out of it, you learn to adapt to the surrounding world and make the best of it, you conform to what society ideals as ‘normal’ or socially acceptable, you survive, these kids, people and families deserve so much more than to survive and conform, society needs to learn to accept and encourage difference instead of pushing it way.

I came across some wonderful facts and sayings on a website this morning and every single one of them rang true for us as a family and for Loghan so I thought I would share them with you all, maybe you can learn something you didn’t know or can encourage knowledge in others.

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