Thursday, 12 January 2017

Back to school =)

So the first day of school has passed and I for one am very happy with how it all went yesterday.

First off Jesse started last week already, he has been a bit emotional since going back after a month home with us but otherwise he loves his new class teacher and has settled in nicely.

Gabriel is now in Grade two… give me strength, at least I didn’t cry ok, he was happy to report that he had an AWESOME day yesterday and that he absolutely LOVES his new teacher, who he chose by the way, he told his teacher last year who he wanted to go to, apparently when he was elbowed above the eye and had to have stitches done, his teacher was the one to help him and he has liked her ever since, so there you go.  I didn’t even get a picture yesterday things were just so busy and I had 3 different places to go to, this was also a big step[ for us as we officially took Gabriel off the medication his was on for impulse control, after good feedback from his teacher last year we decided it was time and it has been great so he is now on a natural supplement but other than that nothing which makes my heart sing with joy =)

Lastly there was Loghan, now I dropped Loghan off last yesterday due to the route as well as him starting later than Gabriel and I have to say guys what a difference, when we went to drop Gabriel off he had to go into his old school with us, we were not even there two minutes before he became visibly agitated and upset, he started stimming and rocking and kept pulling me to go.

I honestly thought that it was such a mistake and his day would be ruined but as we pulled up to his new school his face literally lit up and he bounded out of the car eager to get inside.

Once inside we waited for the owner who welcomed him with a hug and then asked another child to show him around, I walked away from a VERY happy child for the first time in I cannot tell you how long.

When I fetched him his face lit up as he called out to me and told me his day was awesome, according to the owner he dig nag to swim but otherwise was fine so I had a conversation with him and he agreed and apologised saying he was excited, when he gets excited he fixates and so I’m sure today that will not be a problem but he was very excited to tell me about the new friends he made and how awesome his day was.
Last night I had 3 kiddos asleep by 8, no arguments or issue and it was wonderful.

I went to bed with a light heart and a relief that I cannot explain… I cannot wait to see what the year will bring us!

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