Saturday, 31 December 2016

I did it...

So I bet you thought I wouldn't do it, I know I didn't, quite honestly up until this morning I had resigned myself to tackling more of my beach body confidence next year and next Summer...

However this morning I woke up and was just like I'm going to do it and that was that so I did, this morning we headed out before 9am to the beach and I was not only in shorts which never happens but I was wearing a bikini underneath my top, and I did it guys I wore my bikini out in public... well half of it... but quite honestly I don't think I will ever feel comfortable wearing a full on suite out and about so I feel pretty proud guys, and you know what seeing so many woman out there proud and happy with their kiddos it was awesome and I am glad I did it.

By the way note to self dont just put sun block on your kids or hope to get a tan when you have been pasty white your whole life, I am now in so much pain and I'm pretty sure it will be even worse tomorrow but ah well it was such a wonderful day spent.

I really hope that everyone's new years and year going forward is filled to the brim with blessings and love, stay safe and drive safe if you are going out.

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