Monday, 5 December 2016


Hello everyone, yes I’ve been quiet, it is that time of the year school is coming to an end (thank the gods) and the year is winding up so I thought I would do a small (who am I kidding) currently post to keep you all in the loop of what is cooking my side. 


A birthday party that started out small but has turned into a monster, seriously guys when I started planning Gabriel’s birthday it was meant to be one jumping castle and max ten kids now its 15 kids, a castle, a slide, face painting EEP, I kind of want to run for the hills as I will be spending the whole of Friday in the kitchen but I’m really glad that with so much help and support I have managed to put this together and I’m really looking forward to seeing the smile on my monkeys face this Saturday.

Leave, Holidays and what the heck I’m going to do to entertain 3 monkeys, PINTEREST!!!!!!


The many flaws of the educational system in this country and how if things keep going I may just put all 3 of my kids in tutor home schools, the classes are too big, the teachers are overworked and unless your child conforms to a box they just won’t fit in, yesterday I received a call about Gabriel’s hair, which his dad had shaved on Sunday, the barber included a few small patterns into the sides of his head which is stinking cute but of course against the rules but what could I do it was done and with a straight razor so I cannot fix it other than to shave the child bald and that is not going to happen, so the poor child had to stay in at break time, seriously guys there are two days left and my child’s hair has nothing to do with his ability to function in class however keeping him in at break is probably near suicide for the teacher as he has no opportunity to get his energy out, these punishments are archaic, demeaning and do not deal with the issue in the least in my opinion but anyhoo moving on.

In awe of

The fact that we are coming to the close of another year and that as of yesterday I am officially in my final year of my twenties…. Twenty nine guys, it’s just unreal.  In many ways it feels like no time has passed and yet so much has happened in what seems like such a short period of time, it’s scary how as you get older the time just seems to slip away before you have a chance to grasp at it.


Uhm nothing specific, hubby and I are just going through new releases at the moment, we watched Fantastic Beasts which was amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed it, other than that Bridget Jones baby, how to be single and bad moms, and also dirty thirty I think it was, all really great.

I was watching American Horror but I have to admit that since Hotel the series has lost most of my attention.


Nothing which is just sad, I have no time at the moment


A weekend away with my kids and hubby, I need it… we all need it, this year has been an emotional wreck and mentally hubby and I are both exhausted and in need of a break, the kids have also just had a chaotic year and I think a break would be awesome if we could afford it.

Looking forward to

School next year, Loghan attended his future school for two days last month and he loved it, I cannot explain how it feels to walk into a place where everyone wants to know and speak with your child, where the smile on their face radiates, I had no idea what that was like anymore, when my son walks into his current school his smile if there is one is forced and half-hearted and it breaks my heart I cannot wait to see what he can achieve in a place where he is accepted for who he is, where he can function with the resources and help that he needs, where the kids do not judge because most of them know what he has gone through or has had to deal with socially.

It is scary to leave what you know behind but after seeing the great leaps my friends son has made after making the same change and after seeing my child change before my eyes after just 2 days and the difference when he returned to his current school I know in my heart that we are making the right decision and I am looking forward to it.

That is about it I think I hope everyone is looking forward to some time time or is able to get some.

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