Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Are you ready for 2017?

I don't know about you guys but I am so ready to embrace 2017 with wide open arms, 2016 has been to be blunt a really shitty year for most of the people in my life and I cannot help but hope and cling to the hope that 2017 is going to be better... it just has to!

This year has been a roller coaster ride, we have come to a better understanding and a clear diagnosis for Loghan, we have struggled with mainstream and decided to take hi8m out and embrace 'homeschooling', my hubby has ventured into a new line of work with his company this has meant that even though he often works later and works harder he is home with us every weekend and isn't called out at crazy hours anymore which I have to say has been so great for our relationship as well as our home life, we have struggled financially, we have lost friends, and many people have lost loved ones, the boys are now with us full time which has come with its own challenges but is just an incredible milestone for us as a family...

2016 has taught me many things, I have faced many struggles head on some may seem small like building up the confidence to drive to places further than our home area on my own and some have been bigger ie learning to slow down and live in the moment with the kids, or even putting on a bathing suit and snapping a pic for the first time since Loghan was born... although I will admit I have not yet had the confidence to go out onto the beach in it I still feel it was a big milestone for me.

We as a family are learning to live better together ie the boys are being forced to tackle their issues and get along better and I am learning to be more firm when it comes to disapline and learning to not shelter Loghan and cushion him which is something I am extremely guilty of doing, I am learning to step back and allow my hubby to disapline as well which has always been difficult and I am learning to accept that some things cannot be changed and you either run with them and allow them to change you for the better or you can allow them to bring you down.

I am confident that 2017 is going to be full of great things, I am sure that Loghan when placed in his new school in an environment where his differences are encouraged and understood will allow him to blossonm, make friends and reach his full potential.

I am confident that financially we are going to accomplish our goal of becomming debt free (house bond excluded), we have been working hard towards this and I really feel that by mid year we will achieve this which will be a big help and will allow us to start living instead of fighting every month to keep our heads above water.

I am confident that my hubbys new work direction is going to make him much happier he loves a challenge and learning new things and I can see the confidence and pride in his face everyday he achieves something new.

Finanlly I am confident that we will grow together as a family, extended included, my ex and I are trying to create a close knit blended family and I think that slowly but surely we are getting closer to that goal, its difficult, there are days when we still want to struggle eachothwer and we of course have disagreements but we can also sit and have a braai or a coffee together, we can have cival discussions for the most part and I know that this can only help the boys as they need to know that their family loves and supports them and are willing to put their differences aside in order to give them the best we can.

I do not believe in new years resolutions but I do believe in reflecting and learning from the past year, and I personally feel that even with all the hardships we have come out at the end of it and we will push forward and onward.

Do you follow resolutions how do you plan to tackle 2017?



  1. Same here was a tough year and I have no new year resoluitions Also happy that my happy was promoted we really need the extra cash and I believe 2017 will be a big change in my life and my families too. I've learn so much from 2016 . May u be Blessed and have a great start of 2017

    1. Thank you and I hope that 2017 opens many wonderful doors for you and your family as well