Thursday, 6 October 2016

Knitting is great for the soul

A while ago our office erupted into knitting fever, largely impart to one colleague in particular I will not mention her name ahem Col... anyway as I said almost all the ladies in our office one by one started knitting and/or crocheting and although I was largely reluctant at first having had my fair share of knitting during my school years I eventually relented.

Even though my pocket is very unhappy I have to say it has done such amazing things for my stress and patience levels and so I decided to share my latest creation, a shrug I made this past week and finished off just before midnight lat night, it is far from perfect and I had to wing most of it but overall I am very happy.

I tell you if you are stressed or struggling with anything in your life start knitting, the stress literally melts away.

 Like I said it is not perfect but I love it and I plan on perfecting it in the future.

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