Thursday, 8 September 2016

There is a reason behind every path...

I firmly believe that everyone who crosses our path in our lives does so for a reason whether we like the person or not or what they bring into our life is inconsequential everyone and everything is simply a lesson that we can choice to see or ignore.

This thought crossed my mind as I sat with my best friend yesterday, she and I have been friends since early primary school and she is honestly top of the list of the most wonderful people and woman I have ever crossed paths with.

In school she was always in trouble for being quiet and not wanting to speak and I was always in trouble for speaking for her, people made fun of us called us many names even implied that we were lesbian because we were together every day, no one understood that out of everyone in the world we just gelled because we understood each other and still today I think of her whenever I have an issue and she is someone I turn to for so many things even though we no longer see each other every day or even once a month sometimes she is still the most incredible friend I have ever had.

Anyway the reason I was thinking about this whilst we were sitting there is that she shares all the signs of Asperger’s, now when we were young there was no such term or diagnosis and unfortunately many Asperger’s children were missed because they did not fall into the outline of pure autism which is just terrible, I remember all the times my friend got into trouble because she did things a certain way, because he didn’t socialize or look people in the eye etc, people thought she was weird or there was something wrong with her; I thought and still think that she was just wonderful and we socialized on a level that our peers just didn’t understand.

Now that Loghan is going the same way in terms of diagnosis it made me think that maybe this is one of the reasons she was brought into my life maybe through our friendship and understanding she has given me the ability and understanding to bring Loghan up and understand him, there are many times when I feel I don’t or I am failing as a parent but for the most part out of my 3 children I have always felt that he and I have a connection that is just different to my other monkeys and I think this may be why and I am incredibly thankful for it, I am thankful for this wonderful woman who I was given the opportunity to meet and be friends with, her family was mine and the lessons I have learned through and with them has brought so much to my life and I really feel and she agreed that this was the reason why Loghan was sent to me as my child.

It really makes me thankful to know that maybe I am not making such a mess of it or am out of my league after all…

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