Monday, 8 August 2016

Raising a homebody

With the schools being closed today, hubby and I thought it may be nice for Jesse to go and stay with his grandparents for 2 days as they have been asking for a while but the timing has just never been right with school and everything else.

Anyhoo, Jesse has never slept out so besically we have had him with us everyday for almost 3 years, no jokes so I was a bit apprehensive but assured myself that it would all be fine... and it seemed to be as when we ;eft Jesse non chelantly waved us off with a small goodbye... I was a bit hurt to be honest.

Anyway all seemed fine and we had just settled down for the evening gearing up for a night almost alone as Loghan was home, when my phone rang and all I could hear was Jesse sobbing in the background...apparently he missed us to the pooint where he had been crying on and off for 2 or so hours... who knew right we actually matter to our toddler, I was heartbroken for my in laws but secretly happy that at least we were missed enough to require an immediate pick up... well almost as the drive is a good 40 minutes, but as soon as we got in the car to return home Jesse fell asleep and all was well in his little world.

We all slept soundly last night and I held him a little closer, I love my little home body.

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