Monday, 1 August 2016

July favorites

This month has been a crazy whirlwind and I cannot fathom the fact that we are in August already seriously where is this year going to any hoo I don’t think I did a favorites last month, I don’t think I had any favorites to rave about but this month I have a small list so I decided to get my act together and do this (it’s a very small list) lol


So my first favorite is not an item or show it is a person and that is my Loghan Monkey who turned 9 this month, 9 say that again NINE my baby is almost a preteen and I am scared as hell but incredibly proud, we had an angry birds theme this year (please shoot me) and I have seen enough angry bird paraphernalia to last a life time but my monkey had a ball and I couldn’t be happier.


The last few days has seen me become addicted to a show called botched, much to my hubbies disgust but I love watching these reality shows, basically two plastic surgeons attempt very successfully to fix botched plastic surgeries and you meet so many crazy and funny characters along the way, also so many really heart-breaking stores, I’m hooked that’s all I can say, give it a watch.

We also picked up on Bones and I zombie again oh and we watched Finding Dory which is so sweet I thoroughly enjoyed it as well as the secret life of pets and the BFG all brilliant, Loghan especially loved the BFG (he is crazy into Roald Dahl) and Jesse loved Pets.


It is winter which is usually my time to basically become a hermit and stock up on junk and snacks but I have been surprisingly good this winter, one thing I have taken to are yogurt covered peanuts which I get from The Treat Boutique, seriously if you are looking for yummy snacks it’s the place to go YUM!


Natur Vital Shampoo

Guys this shampoo range OMG seriously where has it been all my life, I picked up the baby one last month which lasts forever by the way and I have also tried the one for blonde hair and the chamomile one they are frikken amazing, I could eat them seriously they smell so wonderful and leave you hair feeling so soft and healthy and its cruelty free and all natural!!!!!!  You can pick up a bottle at Dischem and there is a wide range to choose from.


We have made use of the epi max and epizone products for a few years now for Gabriel’s Eczema prone skin but this past month I tried the epiwash soap in tea tree and it is wonderful, I LOVE tea tree, really helps clear up bad and dry skin as well.


Black Bull Steak House and Grill

We went here over the weekend for Loghans birthday party and wow I was really impressed not only is the play area really large but everything is enclosed and you can sit right there and see your kids at all times, there is also a netted over koi pond which Jesse LOVED and the food is great and well priced... what more could you ask for. 

You can find their facebook page here.

That is all for July here's to August =)

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