Sunday, 17 July 2016

Gazoome Play Center

I have a bit of a love hate opinion on play centers I have always felt that for the money you pay you could go to a restaurant with a nice play area and get the same thing but cheaper because you are not paying for the use of the play area.

However nice play areas at restaurants have become few and far between and I never feel like hubby and I can relax as one of us is always up and running after the kids to make sure they are safe so when I heard about Gazoome I thought it would be great to try it out and give the boys some play time in this cold weather.

We arrive at 11 and were signed in it was small but had a nice range of play equipment ranging through the ages the boys took off like a flash and I ordered hubby and I a coffee.

We left just in 12 and the total cost of our outing was 190 which included an hour play,3 steri stumpies and 2 coffees for hubby and I.

Was it worth it?

I know the boys enjoyed it and that is what matters financially I wish discount would be offered for siblings but I know this probably isn't feasible, the play area was clean and safe there was no way for the kids to wander off, my one qualm was that the area is open to all ages and my eldest is rough so we worried about the smaller kids but it went well.

There is also a loyalty card as well as during the week you can pay for an hour and stay the whole day which is really worth it, they do parties as well.

Would we go again? Yes if we can I would like to go again as I said the boys were happy.

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