Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Angry Bird Birthday

Yesterday was my eldest monkeys birthday and it was so amazing I felt so incredibly blessed to have the day shared with so many people and everything just went so wonderfully, Loghan said it was the best birthday ever!

I even baked people, I baked and I was super proud of it in the end!

Spoils from nana and oupa

My cake before it was cut

after it was cut...

33 Party backs... I was done
Cupcakes made by Aunty B for school 

Another cake by his other nana
Lessons and a guitar one very happy monkey

 We started off with dinner at my moms on Sunday, cake and presents, Monday morning his actual birthday started with chocolate chip pancakes, we then took party packs and cupcakes to school and then last night we had a surprise mini party at his other grandma's home with more cake and more gifts even his own guitar which made Loghan so happy, it was nice to have everyone together and Loghan fell asleep with a huge smile last night... a very happy angry bird =)

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