Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Say what now

So yesterday I picked my son up from his nana and asked him the general everyday questions about his day, he reported that he had gotten into a fight with a boy who seems to have established himself as my sons arch nemesis with regards to the affections of a girl in their class… I know right they are 9 (almost) I flipped out in my head at this comprehension as well.

But that aside I have tried to be somewhat objective as crushes are normal whilst establishing a firm opinion that this is not something he should even be concerned about until he finishes school lol but for the most part it’s somewhat sweet so we keep a watchful eye.

Yesterday however whilst we were speaking and he was rallying about how the other boy has been sending the girl notes etc he then said something that made me almost slam on brakes he said no he mustn’t send her notes (girls name) is mine…. Wait what hold the phone.

I looked him in the eyes from my rear view mirror with a momma death stare we should all know well from our own moms, the look that says ok no games you listen now and you listen well, I said Loghan let’s get something strait a girl is not an abject and does not belong to anyone, besides that you are still a baby in the scheme of life and this should not concern you for many years to come, (girls name) has feelings and you will not fight over her like she is a material possession do you understand me… yes mommy.

I was very upset maybe people will think I over reacted but even a child needs to understand that people are people they have feelings and are the only ones in charge of themselves they cannot be owned like a pet or object, gosh seriously never thought I would need to have this conversation among many other conversations we never needed when we were children but that have now become a must and common place.

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