Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Random weekend mumbles

This weekend started off really great I had high hopes for a fun filled weekend with the kids.

On Saturday Loghan and I jumped in the car to attend a play group attend by moms and kiddos on the spectrum (yes the spectrum is incredibly broad) and I am so incredibly pleased to say Loghan had an absolute ball, he hit it off so well with another boy of his age and we are so looking forward to the next time they can play again, it really was just incredible and wonderful to see Loghan so at ease just having fun and able to be himself I haven't seen that for a very long time in fact this morning as I chased him through the quad like a zombie after brains in order to cheer him up after I reprimanded him for teasing his brother... sigh, I hugged him and walked away, looking back every so often as I walked away I saw him run enthusiastically up to a girl in his class, arms out stretched for a hug and she literally walked past him he then walked away and found another group but as I watched I could see how he just didn't fit the mold there and it is incredibly heartbreaking and sometimes makes me question our decision of a main stream school even though it is a great school sometimes I just feel heartbroken at the fact that he is so misunderstood, which becomes even more apparent when I see how well he fit in on Saturday.

After the play date we went home to bake cookies, all three monkeys there was cookie dough everywhere but they had a ball especially when they got to taste their creations, we then settled down with movies and games for the rest of the day.

Sunday I woke up feeling terrible so we honestly didn't do much but often I find that these times are the most precious.

By yesterday I was man down with a bug so spent literally the whole day on the couch or in a warm bath bath it really wasn't a pleasant experience but today I am back at work at least partially recovered and so we go on.

I am really looking forward to Loghan's play date this weekend, there are no social groups in our area so when I saw another moms appeal for a play date for her son I jumped at the opportunity and am so pleased that it turned out so well, I think we were all a bit anxious but the kids that attended were all beautiful amazing kids who all lack social interaction because they are different, communicate differently or show their emotions differently it was wonderful to see them play alongside each other as well as with each other and to see the differences as well as similarities as the time went on, I also found talking to the other moms to be a great thing for me as well, its really nice to interact with other woman who share somewhat similar experiences or have the same struggles with getting their kids to interact and socialize or make friends, and well as I said before I don't socialize well myself so it can only help that as well.

I have always and will always be proud of my boys and will always encourage them to use their differences to their advantage and that there is nothing wrong with being different growing up I spent so many years trying to fit in it was only in my late teens that I finally realized that I actually didn't want to be anything like the people I was trying to fit in with and that I needed to embrace my differences and who I was in order to love who I was and find my feet on my journey, I don't want my kids to spend years of their life trying to fit in, when they are awesome just as they are =)

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