Monday, 20 June 2016


I didn't post with all the hype surrounding fathers day this weekend, my dad doesn't have facebook and we just spent the weekend mostly at home as Jesse was sick, we did make a small road trip up to my mom in law on Saturday which was really awesome so hubby got to see his father then and we had a really great day, I am trying to stay away from blogging and social media on the weekends unless the kids are asleep I'm trying to focus my time on the weekends with my family and I feel it has really changed a lot of things at home. 

Anyway I am straying waaaay off topic.


I don't think I can ever begin to explain how grateful I am to have both my parents in my life or to thank them for all they have done, I have always been a daddy's girl and the memories I have growing up with my dad are all wonderful, lots of amazing music, lots of laughs and fun and as I have grown older an appreciation for topics such as politics, history and true crime have led to many wonderful and interesting conversations although we drive everyone else batty, my father is the most intelligent amazing man I have ever known

My dad is my hero through and through, a wonderful father and although my mom and him drive each other batty I could never imagine them apart from each other, one of my fondest memories is the telling of the story of how my parents met the day before my dad left for thew navy whilst on holiday in Durban, my dads sister was one of my moms teachers so their families did know each other but for my dad it was love at first sight and they were together ever since then, my mom was 15 and my dad 18, married at 20 I came along at 23 for my mum and it has been an incredible journey and family life for us all.

Apart from my dad there is my husband who is the best father I could have hoped for with my kids, it is not easy taking someone elses children into your life and I knew my husnband was the one when he did, attentive, caring fun, many of his mannerisms remind me of the way my father brought us up as children and I am very blessed to have him in my life.

Lastly there is my ex and the father of my oldest monkeys, life never goes as expected, people change and thus we have had many ups and downs, but the love he shows our boys and the bond he has with them is incredible and even though we knock heads and have agreements I am grateful that as time has gone on as we have gotten older we can work together to show our boys how incredibly loved they are.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful fathers day, if you were unable to spend the day with your father because they are no longer with us or simply because you were unable to you are in my thoughts, to the moms who have to do it alone because the fathers are not in the lives of your children I know it is not the same a mother is a mother, a father a father however know that by playing both roles in your childs life you are incredible and I have so much admiration for you all.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful cold start to their week and that everyone is warm wherever you are, Cape Town Winters are sneaky ninjas =)

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