Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Last week when I took the boys with me to the LUSH store (bad idea) they asked actually begged me to get them something so I said ok one thing as long as you choose together, it took a while but in the end they Chose the Sunnyside bubble bar, now I have never bought this bar before and it has been remastered into the shape of a tear/raindrop when it used to be circular and it is bright gold and COVERED in glitter (shudder).

However it was their choice so I reluctantly paid and we left.  Lush SA has brought in quite a number of new products which makes me both sad and happy, happy because yay for LUSH and sad because I cannot afford to do anything other than look right now but anyhoo so the boys couldn't wait to try it, this is what the website has to say:

"Cross to the sunny side of life by bathing in gold. This mood-enhancing bar of indulgence turns the water bright gold and has a shimmer to it, while filling the room with a cheerful aroma. You’ll feel bright and right as you step out of the bath thanks to the blend of sweet wild orange, lemon and tangerine oils to perk you up and enrich your day."

It does smell amazing I will give it that, I was a bit concerned over how the oils would react to Gabriel's skin but surprisingly he was fine albeit we had a shorter bath than usual.

The bath went a gorgeous gold colour and sparkled like a twilight vampire lol and the boys smelt amazing afterwards as did my bathroom, the clean up process however was as always horrific as there was glitter everywhere but thankfully it doesn't stick to the bath and I managed to spray it all away and then wipe the bath out once to get rid of it all.

Overall a really nice bubble bar I don't think it is one I would repurchase for myself although I love the smell the glitter is just maddening for me it is also smaller than the comforter or Brightside bubble bath yet costs a bit more so you need to factor that in two but the boys loved it and I'm sure they will ask for it again in the future

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