Sunday, 30 August 2015

Small Catrice Products Haul

So last weekend I was recommended to incorporate a primer into my make up routine, I have mentioned before that I am having some troubles with my skin lately so it was recommended as a barrier layer between my skin and make up and in particular the Catrice Prime and Fine smoothing refiner was recommended so upon my trip into red square this week I decided to go ahead and get it.

Usually I would go for the Essence brand which is the same company as Catrice but somewhat less expensive but since Essence didn't have a primer I decided to give it a go.

First off the packaging is just gorgeous very simple and classic but it looks like a high end product and for the grand price of R64.95 I was already impressed.

"CATRICE presents Prime and Fine – the range of professional products for an excellent foundation. Ideal preparation: the Smoothing Refiner. The oil-free silicone-based primer practically makes pores disappear and fills out wrinkles for a smooth, refined complexion. Now you’re ready for your grand entry! Comes in a high-quality jar"

I got to test it out the next morning, the product itself is of a cream eye-shadow consistency and it is baby pink in colour, I have to say when I first touched the product I did not think I was going to like it I just don't like cream shadows or blushes so I didn't think it was going to be a winner but I was proven wrong.

The primer goes onto your skin so smoothly and a little goes a looooong way which only adds to the fact that the product is incredibly affordable.  I did find that it created a really nice base layer before I put on my makeup and it has absolutely no tint once on the skin, I only have really bad pores on and around my nose area and I did see an immediate difference in the appearance of the pores along that area so that was a big horay and thumbs up from my side.

Upon doing the remainder of my makeup I did find that it created a great base to work over and my make up blended in really well and smoothly, I have only used it a few times right now so I am not sure whether it is going to make a difference to my skin yet but I'm quite positive that it will as the make up cannot soak strait into my pores which is great.

Whilst there I also picked up the Catrice Colour Correcting Matifying Powder which is just beautiful product wise as well as packaging wise, I just had to have it.

"The ultra-fine, silky-matt powder corrects and evens out colour irregularities – for a radiant, healthy finish with a natural matt look. The combination of four different colours makes this possible: pink freshens-up tired complexions, purple gives dull skin lustre, green neutralises redness and beige supports the natural skin tone"

I bought it in the colour Delicate blossom which is for fair skin and I bought it to replace my non cruelty free colour correcting pearls that I stopped using sometime ago and missed terribly as part of my make up routine.

Anyhoo I am absolutely over my head completely in love with this product not only is it just beautiful to look at but it feels incredible on my skin and corrects all the colour issues I have on  my face, my red (cheeks) area and blue (under the eyes) areas in particular, it also matifys my skin giving me that finish that I missed so much so I was and still am incredibly impressed and in love with this product so I highly recommend this as a newly affirmed favourite in my collection.

Lastly I picked up the Catrice 12hour Matt Mousse because I was a complete dodo and picked up the incorrect tone of the essence mousse and when I returned it my colour was out of stock so I was like eh if not why not.

I was completely sold on the Essence mousse and I am now completely sold on the Catrice version it is even better than the former and not that much more in price, I believe it was R79 I am not 100 percent sure but I am almost certain and that is not expensive at all.

Once again the packaging it just simple and lovely and appears high end and expensive whilst remaining affordable and appealing, it goes on smoothly and blends out even better than the Essence version and it actually lasts a full day which the essence version also does but the consistency is somewhat finer and lighter.

I have to say that I now see why my sons step mum recommends Catrice over Essence I still adore the Essence brand but I can now see the difference in the two product lines and I am very happy that I chose to purchase these products, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable range f make up that is cruelty free almost 100 percent natural as well as just a general good brand of make up that lasts and lives up to the promises it makes through advertising.

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