Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Essence- My Skin Intensively Caring Moisturiser

So I have been using LUSH facial products for a while now which I absolutely Love, as mentioned on my vlog however I did find a slight difference between using my favourite facial cleanser Aqua Marina and the soap version which is Fresh Pharmacy, the difference is that I find the soap to be slightly drying which considering I already have dry skin has not been a good thing, which is sad as the soap is cheaper than the cleanser but I will use up the soap and then go back to the tub cleanser in the future.

I did find with the Aqua Marina that I did not have to use a moisturiser (Q my mom’s face of shock and horror) which was a blessing because the LUSH moisturiser I found works best for my skin is way more than I can afford, however I have now found that I need one with the soap so this weekend I went out on a mission to find a cruelty free affordable moisturiser which contained mainly natural products…. Easier said than done.

I had done a fair amount of research over the course of last week and thought I had settled on one of the GOSH facial products however my mom was with me and upon seeing the pump bottle design she advised against it as a lot of the product is unreachable within the bottle and ends up going to waste, (The pump top unfortunately could not be removed), so she suggested a trip to Dischem.

In the end I was glad we made the trip because not only was I spoilt with the Essence Take a Brow which I will be reviewing later and I found the Essence skin care range which I did not even know existed, for anyone who has read my blogs previously you will know that the Essence range is not only extremely affordable but also cruelty free and makes use of mainly if not all natural products and is also Paraben free, YAY.

So after oohing and ahing for a while I decided to try the Essence My Skin Intensively Caring Moisturiser for dry skin and have been using it for the past 3 days now in the mornings and at night.

What the Website says…

“Put a stop to dry skin! The rich formula with peach kernel oil, shea butter and vitamin e as well as pomegranate and bamboo extracts provide dry skin with intensive moisture and protects it from drying out. Extremely pampering without creating an oily feel, your skin will look velvety, soft and beautifully radiant! Apply the cream on cleansed face and neckline daily in the morning and evening – also ideal for use as a make-up base. Free of colorants.”

This product is amazing, I have noticed such a difference in just these few days in the condition of my skin, not only in how it feels but even how it takes to my make up, my foundation everything just blends better and stays better.

It is more a gel than a cream in my opinion and it has a very soothing effect; my skin takes it in like a dessert would to rain… the gel also smells wonderful and it only cost me R44.95 (50ml)… yes you heard me right R44.95, I could hardly believe it myself even though I know how affordable their products are I was very impressed.

At the end of it I am still going to be using my Lush cleanser but I am thoroughly impressed and will be looking into trying some of their other facial products like the facial wipes which are also available in this category/brand.

It just shows that good skin care and cosmetics does not have to cost an arm and a leg, I am one happy momma!!!

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