Sunday, 21 June 2015

To the fathers in my life, thank you

What makes a father...

Growing up I have the fondest memories of my dad they include lying in the lounge on weekends listening to everything from Michael Jackson to the Beatles and Guns and Roses or pink Floyd, days spent watching my dad put his bikes together from scratch or trips to the beach with ice cream and so much laughter and joy, my dad taught me to be strong and independent and that a woman's greatest asset or a persons in general was their mind and their ability to be able to fight for what they believe in or what they want to achieve in life, to be honest I am sure there have been many times of disappointment I wasn't exactly an easy child and teenager but my father has always been there for me and I owe so many of my life choices and achievements  to both him and my mom.

A father is someone who should be there for his children emotionally physically and even financially he should be there to pick you up when you fall down and inevitably will pave the way for how you or his children choose and treat their partners one day, just as we as mothers pave the way for how our sons will choose to view their partners, fathers pave the way for how their daughters view the men in the life and allow themselves to be treated.

Leading up to today and my husband who to me is just the most amazing father and role model to all three of our kids through the tough times and the great times every step of the way, so it is with great love and admiration that I would like to say thank you to both him and my dad for being the most amazing men and fathers that they are and to all the other great men out there whether they are in a relationship, a single father, an adoptive father or even gay, a father is a father for the love and support he shows his children, personally I fell even more in love with my husband when I saw how he was with our kids.

Lastly to the single moms yes you are not a dad but in many instances you are the only form of father your child may know and you fulfil the roles of both sides which cannot be easy, for that you also deserve love and admiration, so thank you and I hope that everyone got to spend some time today appreciating the fathers in their life.

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