Wednesday, 10 June 2015

LUSH Review- Montalbano and Honey I Washed my Hair Shampoo Bar

When I first started buying Lush products, the Shampoo bars were quite honestly one of the last things to catch my eye and even when they did I was highly skeptical.

I have very finicky hair what ever I use either creates a massive build up or makes my hair too oily or too dry so I usually switch up shampoos every 2 months and usually look for something that does not have silicone or any such ingredient on its ingredients list.

A few months ago however I decided to throw caution to the wind and try out the Honey I washed My Hair shampoo bar- I went for this bar specifically because I have become so attached to the Honey I Washed the Kids soap smell I just died at the thought of toffee scented locks.

The bars are in the range of R90 which was something that didn't make my heart sing with happiness but after watching many a review I found that most people said the bars lasted them for a good 3/4 months which works out to around R20 a month and in my mind that is well worth it.

The Honey I Washed the Kids shampoo bar really was worth every penny- it lathered well and didn't cause my hair to dry out or become oily, it left my hair feeling soft and light and even though the smell didn't linger I was very happy with the results- my kids even used it on their own hair and they loved it- the only I will suggest is that you purchase one of their tins for R30 I believe as the bar does tend to stick after drying to the surface it lays on.

Anyhoo my bar lasted over 4 months and I was super impressed with it so I decided to get a new one at the end of May, there were so many to choose from but the one that caught my nose the most was the Montalbano Shampoo bar which smelt like freshly squeezed Lemons...hmmmm.


This is what the LUSH site has to say:

"Solve the case with this citrusy shampoo bar that promises serious shine. Green olives improve the tensile strength of hair whilst cleansing rosemary absolute, Sicilian lemon oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice make hair gleam from root to tip."

After reading the ingredients I was a bit concerned about the oils because I have oily hair but the gentleman at the counter assured me that Lemon oil in particular is great for oily hair so I was sold.

I have been using it for just over a week now and I am head over heels in love with this bar I cannot decide whether I love it more than the Honey I Washed my Hair as they are both amazing but the lemon smell does linger for longer than the honey/ toffee smell.

If you are unsure of which bar to try have a chat to one of the LUSH employees they are trained to know their products really well, I highly recommend these bars so far they have worked really well for my hair and kept it in really great condition without the chemicals to leave a build up and to dry out my hair it has become so soft, light and manageable and no more oil!!!!!

Here's to good hair days every day!

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