Wednesday, 29 April 2015

some thoughts on being Pagan

This morning I was asked why I am not very open about my Pagan spirituality, this person doesn’t know me very well if they did they would know that I am in fact very open about my beliefs and spirituality, it is stated on my blog and I literally wear my belief on my arm with my pentagram tattoo, however in a way I can understand why this person would say so…


Everyone I know that follows a book religion is very focused or seems very focused on promoting or spreading the word of their belief system, to proclaim their love and admiration for what they follow, it seems at times that it is believed that the more you spread your love and admiration the more people you convert the more or better of a believer you are perceived to be…

Now please do not get me wrong I am not trying to insult anyone or point fingers and say this is wrong what I am saying is Paganism can more a more self-centred belief system and there is nothing wrong with that; one based more on fulfilling your spirituality than the spirituality of people around you, one that finds fulfilment in looking to yourself to move forward instead of relying on others- it doesn’t count on the preaching of your beliefs or require you to spread the word, personally for me I do not consider any belief system to be wrong and feel that if you are happy within your belief system who am I  to tell you that you are wrong to force my beliefs upon you…

Paganism for me was like coming home after a long period in a foreign land- after years of unanswered questions years of not feeling like I belonged anywhere and unable to find a teaching that spoke to me I found paganism and I came home, it reached out to me like a mother would to her children and I finally found what I had been looking for years, it has taken me down many paths I have met many wonderful people and even some not so wonderful people but every one of them has taught me something, I am a proud Pagan- my Pagan family comprises of so many different people from so many different backgrounds- some are open and out of the broom closet so to speak some are not- it is like being gay not everyone is accepting even in today’s age- my family for instance- my parents have come to know and understand this part of me they may not agree with it but they leave me be to live out my life as I was I was too and that is a s a freethinking individual- my extended family however are not on the same page but that is their problem not mine.

As for my children- no I am not raising them on a specific path, I believe that it is your job as a parent to give your child all the information you can and then allow them to make up their own mind with regards to spiritual choice; for instance I once knew a girl who called herself a Christian witch- this was something that was very much frowned upon by most people and if you knew her you would understand why- it was because she had been raised so strictly in her Christian belief that even though she wanted to be Pagan she was so scared of going to hell that she thought she would have it both ways – considering that Pagans do not believe that one sole God exists this didn’t make much sense, my point is that if you raise your child in a certain belief system and do not allow them to learn about others they will A be more than likely to follow out of habit and B in some instances become very closed minded towards other beliefs, if my kids choose the Pagan path I want it to be their decision not mine.

I grew up in a home with an atheist mother and Christian father- I was never forced to attend church I chose to and when I stopped wanting to participate in anything Christian, my mom said no problem- at family gatherings when people pray I respectively keep a silent vigil and say thanks to my own Gods, when I get preached to I either respectively say I am Pagan and not interested or I will listen to what they have to say and thank them for their time even though I am not interested- all it takes is respect and understanding to lead to religious tolerance and acceptance- too many wars are built on religion and at the end of it all this is usually brought on by people or beliefs who share the same basic principles anyway.

I appreciate everyone who brings love and support into my life, I do not care what your belief system or culture is, I wish more people felt the same way.

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