Monday, 5 January 2015

Dream Cream and dream wash

I know I rave a lot about LUSH and their products lately its all I blog about; my brother says that I have become a walking talking infomercial for their products and I've sent too many people the store way to count but I just have to say that when you find a good product that completely changes your life of course you are going to rave about it!

This post is specifically about their Dream Cream and Dream Wash Products.

Anyone who has eczema- psoriasis or any skin disorder along those lines do yourself a favor get down to a Lush store and sample this product, Lush stores have an amazing sample policy for most if not all of their products, the staff are extremely helpful and will even demonstrate products in the store for you if you are apprehensive about spending that amount of money which I have to say after all the products we have tried is peanuts compared, I cannot praise these products enough, my hands have gone from extremely painfull, itchy red and cracked to soft supple and completely pain free!!!!!

This product is amazing- I know I sound like a stuck record but I simply cannot explain how it feels to finally have full pain free use of my hands again, it worked so well on me I started using it on my middle son Gabriel and after a week his body is 99.9 percent clear also so soft and moisturized and he is so much happier, he no longer scratches himself silly or cries when I have to put cream on his body, his skin looks great and feels like it should.

you can see the calamine in the color of the wash

the cream is more yellow and the consistency is much thinner

If I have to choose one product between the 2 personally I prefer the cream simply because I feel you get better use of the cream for obvious reasons you cannot just slap the wash on a part of your body at anytime of the time but that aside these products work extremely well together and after years of using cortizone and various other creams prescribed by the dermatologist I am extremely happy to have found a product that is chemical free and all natural to use on both myself and my son.

The cream has a very gentle and comforting smell I just adore it, the wash I don't really love the smell its more calamine smelling but it is still lovely non the less, it also has a lovely whipped cream texture which is amazing on the skin what I also like about it is you can physically see it coating the skin and if you mix it with a bit of water in your hands it goes a long way.

smooth thin consistency

Thick cream texture and consistency

I will say that it is better to use the products directly with your hands as I found that when I used a facecloth the facecloth seemed to absorb most of the product but maybe it was just because the facecloth was organic cotton I'm really not sure.

Also a last little point my eldest son also scraped his back yesterday I used some dream cream on it and it immediately soothed the pain and the scratch looked much better within hours as the cream and wash both have antibacterial and soothing properties so overall this is just an amazing investment and product to have!

Dream Wash

Dream Wash

The Dream Cream main (top 5) Ingrediants are:

Oatmilk, Rose Water, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Glycerine

If you want to find out more of their products or want to check the ingrediants for yourself their SA site address is, they also have stores at Canal Walk, The Waterfront and Cavandish.

Thank you LUSH for saving my hands and my sons skin I cannot explain how grateful we are and I will be purchasing many more pots in the future!

Disclaimer: I do not work for LUSH nor do I get paid to promote their products or do reviews I am just giving my genuine opinions after making use of these products.

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