Thursday, 4 December 2014

Overcoming the dislike I have for my Birthday

I don’t like birthdays, well Ill rephrase that I don’t like MY birthday, I’ve ended up in tears on to many of my birthdays to count and so it has fast become a day I would rather forget than acknowledge.

However I have been told that I should use it as a platform to be grateful for the past year, which I am I am incredibly grateful for another year that the gods have afforded me and so I have decided to make a list of this year’s blessings and achievements:

1. I successfully exclusively breast fed for 6 months
2. I am still breast feeding after 15 months
3. I took the plunge and started cloth diapering
4. We bought a home
5. Loghan has successfully completed another year of school
6. Loghan’s meds have been reduced
7. I have a stable job I enjoy
8. I celebrated 2 years of marriage
9. I learnt to forgive and forget
10. I learnt to say I’m sorry
11. I got a new… well 2nd hand buy new care
12. I am living pain free thanks to my surgery
13. I lost 35 kg naturally
14. I uncluttered my life
15. I made new friends and rekindled old one
16. I started this blog
17. My boys are happy and healthy

My 26 years have not gone as planned but they certainly surpassed my every hope and dream in the end, my list for the following year is as follows, this is what I would like to achieve:

1. To be debt free house excluded of course
2. For Gabriel to successfully complete his grade R year at big school
3. To read more
4. To take more family time
5. To road trip at least once a month with the kids
6. to work on the relationship we have with my ex and his wife
7. to take the honeymoon hubby and I never had
8. to have my next tattoo done
9. to lose the last few kilos (not a must but a would like)
10. to be more positive and be grateful every day for the blessings I have

Here’s to my 27th year in this life, to all the blessings I have received and to achieving next years goals.

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