Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Jippee Box

A while back I mentioned that we had subscribed to a jippee box for Jesse, well we received our second box last week so I would just like to give a little feedback for any mommies who are interested.
I went searching for something along the lines of the Jippee box after watching a US daily VLOG called Daily bumps, the mom in this vlog subscribes to something called a citrus lane box which a monthly subscription whereby you receive a monthly box filled with goodies for baby and mum.
I though what an awesome idea I wish we had something like this in SA, low and behold 2 days later what pops up on my news feed- a link to the Jippee website.

Basically Jippee aims to provide families with the tools to engage with one another in a playful yet purposeful manner.

So you can go to their website and sign up for a 12 month subscription, the subscriptions are in 3 tiers:
R99- includes 2 educational items a toy and a book in the language of your choice English or Afrikaans
R149- includes 4 educational items includes 1 book in the language of your choice English or Afrikaans
R199- includes 6 educational items includes at least 1 book in the language of your choice English or Afrikaans

The subscription is monthly but your box is delivered every three months either 2 your door or through the post.

After perusing the site which is very easy and user friendly I decided to subscribe, it’s also great because they ask you for your child’s age and gender and everything in the box is based on this.

The box provides learning as well as fun for each milestone and developmental age up to the age of 5.
Our 1st box we had sent through the post I have to say I agree with the original creators when they say remember how exciting it was the days of receiving stuff in the mail, it was very exciting, I took the box home and could not wait to open it with Jess.

I was very happy with the products included in the box
- Chunky touch and feel board book
- Stackable cups,
- Stackable rings
- Turtle that when you pull its tail it moves along the floor
- Interlocking and interactive puzzle ball
- bath toys.

The toys were all very well-known expensive brands, they were bright and fun and Jess really enjoyed getting into the box and pulling everything out one by one.

The only toy I did not think was entirely age appropriate was the stackable rings because they were quite small and at under a year children tend to put everything in their mouth, so we allow him to play with those if we are right beside him.

Otherwise I was very happy and impressed.
The second box we received last week was even better and Jesse being a few months older was really excited when he saw the box and got to open it.

He received

- Two board books one was a touch and feel
- A carton of wooden building blocks
- A wooden rattle type of thing
- A toy cow which has moving parts
- A puzzle shape ball

Again I was very happy with the products all well know quality brands that are fun and educational even my two older monkeys enjoy them as they get to play with their brother.
Cost wise I do think it is worth it if I price the toys in the store you are saving a boodle and after the first month you don’t even notice that small amount coming off anymore.

The downside is of course that it is a 12 month subscription which I understand on their part but it’s something to remember when committing to it.

Otherwise its loads of fine and I am really enjoying receiving it just as much as Jesse is!
Next time I must remember to take pics.

You can find Jippee on face book or go to their site
Just a heads up they do gift boxes for showers and such as well.

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