Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Story time and my deep love for special needs education

Last night I sat with tears and frustration in my eyes.

You see I knew going down this new road was going to be hard and that there were going to be people out in the world that have nothing better to do than make others miserable because they are well just those kinds of people, no matter what you do, no matter who is at fault, there is always someone else to blame and very few people will check facts before jumping on their high horse but hey back to my story.

So last night I am sitting there with hubby; bless him for listening while I vented because I can VENT on a whole other level.

Anyway so at the end of it all I turned to him and said all I want is a safe and stable place for my kids and other kids to go and learn and be embraced for their differences instead of shunned, that's all I want... to much to ask?

I then proceeded to tell him about the first time I met one of our kids last year, this memory most of all is what completely solidified my passion for special needs education and how important it is.

I was visiting the school which was one of 2 options for the boys to attend, the school at that time ran from a rather large house and after I had arrived, a young boy around Gabriel's age approached me.

He took my face in his hands and smiled the most gorgeous smile, he then led me to the kitchen where he proceeded to use my hands to take his sandwich out of his lunchbox and place it into the sandwich toaster, once this was done he used my hands to switch off the toaster, he then took his sandwich and toddled off munching away.

He didn't say one word, and when I relayed this story to the owner she explained that he was low functioning autistic and that his parents were told that he would never speak or function within normal society ie put him in a home or just leave him be because he is never going to get anywhere.

The thing is, this child was not allowed to use any of the kitchen gadgets on his own and he knew this, so he used my hands; by right not using the sandwich maker himself, he understood that in order to bypass this rule he could use me and without saying a word at that. He was/is so incredibly intelligent and beautiful and I have seen this child over the past year progress in so many ways even to the point of basic words which is an incredible milestone given what his parents were told.

This memory stands out for me most of all but there are so many others that I hold in my heart, this is why I feel so strongly, that is why I need to follow this path, for children who may never be afforded a chance to live their fullest life and accomplish more than what is assumed of them.

These kids are frikken amazing, EVERY single one of them has such wonderful potential if they can only be given the chance to try, to learn and to grow.

It is my dream to be one of the stepping stones in the journey that allows these children and my own of course this chance.

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