Friday, 15 June 2018

Preteen - what a nightmare

I think I am entitled to some sort of rebate for my mothering journey.

Why you may ask, well it's simple; you see everyone is quick to tell you about the terrible 2's or the threenager stage even the fearsome fours, but no one ever told me what a nightmare and I mean a literal nightmare the preteen stage could be and with a boy to boot, I mean I was a pre teen girl so I knew what to expect in that regard but boys eep I am not prepared guys and I just want to crawl into a hole until it's over!

The attitude, the hormones, the defiance and just when we had gotten to a point where I thought I could relax, note to self NEVER relax, it is a parenting trap as soon as you start to think about ponies and sunshine bam smack of reality in the face.

It is like I am dealing with a Jekyll and Hyde sweet and loving the one moment and then rawr a complete turn around a few minutes later, the arguing and the anger and not to mention the interest in girls and wanting to integrate himself into the circle of older kids at his school, which he cannot seem to understand is just not happening, not on my watch young man not happening.

Does it end, does it get easier, everyone has assure me it does but then again they've been saying that for years so my level of trust when it comes to these things is disintegrating at a fevers pace.

Whats worse is Loghan is not even 11 yet I still have a month people, A MONTH could you not just give me that #defeated.

If you need me I will be under the counter rocking back and forth while swigging wine from the bottle until erm I would say his 19th birthday, I may emerge on occasion but for now I think that's a good space to be in.

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