Sunday, 11 December 2016

WTF people

On Friday morning I had to pop out to the shops as I ran short on icing for Gabriels cake, I was covered in flour, icing sugar and whatever else I managed to get on myself that morning, my hair was in a messy pony tail and I was without make up but eh it was a quick trip and I knew I was going to get messy again so I quickly bundled the kids into the car and off we went.

Now we all know how crazy the malls get at this time of year and Gabriel has a nasty habit of dashing off when he sees something of interest so when we reached the centre I popped both boys into as trolley, yes I know they are frikken old enough to walk but I was in a rush and not in the mood to be dashing after a monkey in the busy stores.

So anyway I popped into the bookstore to pick up a xmas gift and upon leaving I struggled to get out the door because of the weight of the trolley I was in the process of asking the kids to get out so I could move the trolley out when and older woman came into the store and remarked that the kids are big enough to walk and should do so.

FFS seriously I have no idea what gives people the mind or thought to believe that they can voice an opinion on something that has absolutely nothing to do with them, you have no idea why my kids are in the trolley so back off.

It just really cheesed me off that people can be so nosy and judgemental and to voice it allowed, I mean I know everyone judges at some point or another EVERYONE even I have and do I'm not going to be holier than thou and pretend I don't but I sure as hell wont make a remark like that to another person in a store when i have no idea why or who or how.

Anyhoo just a little vent for the weekend, I hope everyones silly season is off to a good start!

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