Sunday, 11 December 2016

Plants VS Zombies Birthday Bash

On Wednesday my Gabriel monkey will be 7 and this year it was my turn to put together his party.

I didn't have much to go with but I threw caution to the wind and with a lot of help and support and baking/cooking all Friday I think we did a pretty good job.

I will be honest I was not very impressed with the numbers 3 people canceled on the morning of but for valid reasons and I was fine with that but another 4 kids just didn't pitch and that really peeved me off as the parents had rsvp the week before and I had so much food etc left over thanks to that, it was just a waste and really inconsiderate in my opinion as I really did not have the funds to waste but the 8 kids who were in attendance had an absolute ball and that really made my heart sing.

As can be seen below I manged to purchase a nice variety of theme related sweets from Creative Sweets in milnerton and the prices are not bad at all, I found brains, bones and gum balls that looked like peas.

I had an adult table inside as well which I stocked with quiches, milk tart, fruit and salad platters, cheese biscuits and chips, I over compensated thinking there were going to be a good amount of adults present but the adults that were present ended up eating more off the kiddies table than anything else =)

The cake prints I had done at Bakers Den also in Milnerton the printing costs next to nothing and really worked out well, you can buy baking mixes , ready made icing and everything else you could possibly want there as well.

The Castle and slide we rented through Giggles and Jiggles, I really shopped around for these and I have to be honest most of the places I asked for quotes from were in my opinion I complete rip off one wanted to charge a grand for a jumping castle, Giggles and Jiggles delivered and packed up for an extra 100 and the cost for both the castle and slide were completely worth it in my opinion.

All the printables came from Pinterest and a little editing in Pain(yes old school haha) and the balloon art was courtesy of my hubby lol, it really was a wonderful day and one I hope my monkey will remember for a very long time!

I was able to find a nice selection of theme related sweets which was awesome

The kids had a ball hitting the zombie balloons on the jumping castle

The slide was the biggest hit it was hard to get the kids off it in the end

Le Cake I think it worked out great and was very yummy.

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