Monday, 25 April 2016

Customer dissapointment and lack of sincere customer service

So something that really irks me is bad customer service as well as spending money on something and it not reaching your level of satisfaction then when you report the issue you are ignored or replied to rudely because it is a corporate retail store and people will always buy from them right?

I posted the following picture last week on the Ackermans website with the following caption:

My toddler wore these for the first time really not impressed and very disappointed have always held Ackermans in high regard but this not the first time I have had a garment come apart.

The message was responded to and I was told to send my information to them, now to be very clear I wanted to draw attention to the fault so that something can be done about it, as a busy mom I just don’t have the time to exchange it right now and to be honest I can fix the issue myself with a bit of needle and thread but that is besides the point.

The point is I spent money on a product, I chose to go to that store and purchase the product, I have been a loyal customer since before the birth of my eldest child and this is not the first time in the last year this has happened, so I expected a telephonic apology as well as the opportunity to discuss the matter.

The seam literally came apart and is continuing to come apart at the seam further up ,my son is a tiny 2 year old so the pants is in no way to small for him either he can actually get away with wearing 18-24 month clothing easily and this is a 2-3.

I will add that I was not the only one to have this problem according to comments left on my post.

This is the dm I sent to them:

Hi, my email address is and number is 021 555 0220. I shop from Ackermans for my kids seasonal clothing and have always loved your clothing but this is probably the 3rd pair of pants I have bought within the last year that has come apart like that having studied design I understand that is along a seam and is more than likely a factory fault but it still shouldn't happen and with 3 kids finding the time to go exchange it is almost impossible at the best of times that aside I am not even sure I still have the slip, I could fix it myself but that is beside the point just very disappointed, as a mom active on many moms site as well as my own blog I love having favourite brands to recommend and Ackerman's has always been one them, this will however affect my buying in the future which is really sad.

This was the response:

Hi Chastin, once again we would like to apologise for the frustration you've experience and we do value your feedback. We have escalated your complaint to the relevant department and will be in contact with you soon.

Now my version of soon is within 24 hours if not less, I have worked in retail before and that was the standard we adhered to.
On day 2 I had not received a reply, I commented on my original post and nothing so I sent them a dm and this was the response I received:

This was my message:

I have not been contacted not that there is much you would do but as a courtesy and out of respect for your customers it should be done, incredibly disappointing and not on as customer service

And the response…

Hi Chastin, we apologise for the service failure you've experienced. We are still in the process of investigating your complaint and will provide you with feedback soon.

Please explain to me what there is to investigate I ask you with tears in my eyes. I have pointed out a problem with one of your products in order for you to fix it in future, when someone tells me they are still investigating my claim it makes me feel like:

A. I am at fault as the customer and 
B. I have no right to be upset about the issue and finally 
C. Please explain why an apology and a phone call warrant not only an investigation but several days.

I am seriously not impressed and yes I have an Ackermans account showing even more so that I am or was a frequent buyer after this I do plan on closing this account asap, it frustrates me that larger companies today just feel that because they are popular their customers don’t matter and I’m sorry but generic replies on Facebook just do not cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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