Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Emotions and Joy

So today was day one of the first term of the school year and my gorgeous Gabriel monkeys first day of grade 1 and Loghan's first day of Grade 3.

They were both incredibly excited as they got dressed into their squeaky clean and newly ironed uniforms (although Gabriel didn't like the shoes much), they ate breakfast faster than I have ever seen before in all their years so far and rushed out the door with a sense of urgency and excitement that made me swell with pride and love.

As I said goodbye this morning I remained surprisingly calm I honestly thought I would end up being a wreck but as I said goodbye and they each ran off (although Loghan came back a few times), I knew they were in good hands and were going t have a great day.... I did cry when I reached the car though, but it was a happy cry I swear.

I couldn't help but laugh looking around at all the bags bigger than the children themselves =).

I am very excited as always for the journey ahead, as an adhd mom this is always mixed with a certain amount of anxiety but with all the leaps and bounds we have surpassed over the past year I am sure that this year can only get better.

They really do grow up so fast!

Brothers =)

Silly Sausages

So Handsome

Proud Momma

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