Sunday, 24 January 2016

Doctors visits, toddler play dates and transact patches

This week has been really emotional, Jesse has refused to eat most days this week and has complaining about his tongue being sore.

He has had what appeared to be a raw looking spot on his tongue since he was about a year old, originally we were told it was due to breastfeeding but this week it started to concern us when he wouldn't eat and started complaining about it.

So after some research and recommendations we decided to make an appointment with the dentist and see if we could get to the root of the issue.  So off we went on Saturday, unfortunately after the lovely oral hygienist checked Jesse;s mouth it was established that it was not what we thought it was ie a geographic tongue as the spot doesn't come and go or move around it stays the same and is constant, so she suggested we see a gp and thankfully she didn't charge us.

Thankfully as well the dental and medical department are within the same building so we were able to squeeze in an appointment, by this time we were even more concerned and anxious, however we went into see the gp and literally 5 minutes and a full consultation fee later we were told that he is not concerned and we must just incorporate a vitamin b as well as an iron supplement and the problem will most like resolve... are you kidding me argh.

Anyway Jesse is still not eating very much but we will see how it goes with the supplements.

Later on Saturday we went to a braai at friends who also have a son he is four but Jesse and him got on like a house on fire and had an absolute ball which really made for a great afternoon/ evening, buy this stage my neck was giving me hassles and by this morning I could barely move it I was in so much pain.

My mom came to the rescue with a transact patch but as the day has worn on I can feel the pain growing worse and worse and I literally want to curl up in a ball and cry, it sucks so badly, I just got rid of my back pain now this.... not a great way to end a weekend.

Oh and Loghan decided this evening that he wants his own room, after I just redecorated the rooms to suite Jesse the one side and the older monkeys the other side mid last year, it was a bit chaotic and Jesse wanted to sleep n his own bed but kept getting up and wondering around keeping hi brothers awake so that didn't quite work out but Im sure we will get there soon, Loghan took me by surprise wanting his own space, my baby is growing up and I;m not sure how to feel about it.

I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend and that you can smell the rain in the air tonight.

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