Friday, 11 December 2015

High school flash backs

Tomorrow is my high school reunion… just let that sink in for a minute it has been 10 years since I was in high school… scary right.

I actually failed my grade ten year so this is the year I should have matriculated in and honestly when I was invited to the group for the event I was very much in two minds about whether I actually wanted to attend especially when it was going to be at the school.

To put it lightly school was hell for me for the majority of my school career, I didn’t fit in with most people and being Pagan, no good at sports or conventional subjects and ‘arty farty’ I never fit the bill of fitting in, it wasn’t until I failed that I actually found out who I was and became accepting of myself instead of looking for acceptance in other people who I didn’t even like.

So as I said I was in two minds but after looking through some old photos I decided to go because there were and still many amazing people that I have kept in touch with and that aside I am at a great place in my life, I have a wonderful family, a home and I have everything to be proud of so why not.

Besides it will be interesting to see how far everyone has come, whether they have changed or remained the same, here’s to the past 10 years and to the changes that have formed our new paths and journeys.

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