Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A letter to my husband on your birthday

My love

I remember the day we met as if it were yesterday, I saw you across a crowded room you were dark and mysterious and I felt my heart fall to pieces.

It would be many years of friendship before our feelings for each other would come to light, many years of sitting in coffee shops talking about our love for music and books, we shared so many of the same interests and your energy was just breath taking, you had the bluest aura I had ever seen and I just knew I had to have you in my life.

There were a few years where we didn’t see each other but eventually after nearly 8 years we found our way back into each others lives.

You saved me from an incredibly dark time in my life you dealt with all my crap all my quirks and issues you lifted me up and made me feel like a Goddess, there is not a day that goes by where you do not compliment me and make me feel loved and cherished, when I look into your eyes I know that I am home.

You are the best friend I have ever had and an incredible step father to our children and the best father I could have ever asked for with Jesse.

When I talk you to you about art, history or writing you listen, when I need to talk about an issue you are there, you never ignore me or make me feel like I am speaking mindless rubbish.

We fight, we argue we get frustrated but we always work through it together.

Thank you for the years we have had together so far, as friends, partners, lovers, husband and wife, I hope that in all our years to come you will be by my side.

This letter may be all I have to give to you this year but know that each day I wake up with you by myself is a gift I will cherish.
With all my love, forever.

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  1. Your words - so beautiful... I'm grateful for every moment we have to spend together.
    Love you so very much!