Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Encouraging Empathy and Understanding- Being the mom of THAT child

I read a post some time ago by woman speaking of her child becoming THAT child and it touched a point because I was the mom of THAT child, I have often spoken about the boys trials and how far we have come but very seldom to I get to vent about the treatment these kids are subjected to….

I was the mom of THAT child…

You know THAT child, the child who is always in trouble, the child who struggles to concentrate, sit still and pay attention.

The child who is shunned by other kids because their parents have told them to stay away or they just don’t want to be where the trouble is… I was the mom of the child who sat alone at break times and who came home in tears EVERY day, the mom of the child who called themselves stupid and would ask why nobody liked him or wanted to be his friend, why his teachers ignored him or told him he was bad all the time and would blame them even if they were not in the room at the time….

I have had a parent verbally assaulted me with a baby in my arms, I have received threats and nasty phone calls, Loghan has been threatened and pushed around by ADULTS, he has been told that he is a bad child a bad influence that nobody likes him by ADULTS!!!!!!!
This was my reality before medication and finding a proper school with teachers who care and a doctor who didn’t want to just up meds all the time and who actually took the time to know my kids, as a mom it was the most painful experience knowing and watching your children live out their days in misery and loneliness, frustrated and angry at the world….having your child scream and hit you out of frustration and then fall into a ball of tears asking what is wrong with them, because the people who should know better and should have been helping them just couldn’t have cared less past the money in their pocket and their own selves…

I could never understand how other mothers especially could be so cruel and heartless what if their children needed help or attention, what if their child needed a friend, Loghan and Gabriel are both loving kind hearted kids who are always willing to help the bullied children and the ones without friends so why was it so hard or impossible to imagine the same would come from others….The mother who verbally assaulted me did so because Loghan apparently bit her child, when cctv footage was reviewed Loghan had not even been in the same room, her child was not reprimanded that woman never apologised…

It is not easy being the THAT child or the parent of THAT child…. It is incredibly heart-breaking and I only wish that more parents would encourage their children to be more empathetic and to give a helping hand and support instead of teaching them to shun and ignore, how can one expect the world to be a better place if you do not encourage this behavior in children from the start!


  1. I am so sorry that you had to go through this. But I'm glad that you have found a solution since then. I think moms just totally lose focus when it comes to their child - but she should have apologized.

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