Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A special place in my heart

I know that these days technology seems to have taken over you can go on facebook and have several hundred friends and you may not even know 20 of those people and yet with social media as it is today you can form very close bonds and friendships with some of the people you have never met... I have found myself of late following several families who daily vlog on YOUtube and I honestly feel like when these people get excited or good news i am happy and so forth strange but ya it happens...

I have also formed friendships online with a few people whose stories have absolutely crept into my heart one in particular I have mentioned more than once on this blog and that is because this woman just has the most amazing strength and beauty one I have rarely seen in this day and age especially with the hurt that her story carries with her.

To explain to those of you who are unfamiliar with her story; my friend Jackie lives in the USA and a short while after her due date over thanksgiving weekend she went into labour and this is where the story turns from the perfect spiritual birth she envisioned into a nightmare... the 2 midwives who were supposed to look after her delayed her for hours assuring her that all was ok and that she was to stay labouring at home when in fact they didn't want to interrupt their weekend plans and make the trip to check on her, by the time she got to the hospital she wanted to push and yet they forced her to walk with baby vylette coming out to the maternity floor, by the time Vylette was born she was in an emergency condition she was not responding and her colour was off, after several days on a cooling table and days of hope it was established that she had no brain activity and her parents were faced with the traumatic decision of turning off her life support...

Horrific and disgusting does not describe the hurt and the pain of what for some has become a distant memory... I have known Jackie since then through facebook in her endeavour to find Justice for her gorgeous baby girl and to bring to justice the 2 midwives that so terribly neglected her in her time of need leading to the loss of her perfect angel, being a first time mom you rely on the support and knowledge of your doctors, nurses or midwives they are supposed to guide you and take care of you but in this case they ignored their charge and chose their personal entertainment over the life of this unborn child... they are still currently practising, it honestly makes me sick, it is unacceptable tyhat this was allowed to happen and those women should be held accountable for their lack of support, and well doing the job that they were supposed to do... if you dont want to be called at all hours dont become a frikken midwife!!!!

Please I am asking from the bottom of my heart spread Vylette and Jackies story, she is a wonderful person and an amazing mom, she still bakes cakes for her dear Vylette every year and is still trying everyday to get the justioce she needs, her facebook page is as follows:


and her blog...


Please go onto her page read her story share some love and support.

Justice for Vylette she is always in my heart!!!

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