Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Polkadraai Farm

On Sunday we were lucky enough to take a trip through to Polkadraai farm with my mom in law and all three monkeys

We had an AMAZING time and we will definitely be going back again.

They have a website as well as a Facebook page, both provide you with all the details you will need before your trip including directions which I must say were super easy to follow.

It was a lovely road trip, I generally do not like taking the kids on long driving trips because they get bored or irritated super easily in the car but this was really nice, the roads were not busy and it was a really easy drive, it took us about 40 minutes in total to get there and this included stopping along the way in Belville to collect my mom in law.

If you are worried about missing the farm don't fret the huge strawberry located along the side of the farm will help you find your way- it also made for some great photos upon arrival.

I have to say the farm was so much bigger than I expected and it was really arb to see this gorgeous haven right alongside a busy main road.

When we arrived.... after taking photos; we went into the farm stall to buy our buckets, they do not charge an entrance fee for the farm however everyone over the age of 3 that enters the strawberry fields must buy a bucket to go picking, I don't think that is unreasonable at all and with the cheapest bucket being R25 for 0.8kg worth of strawberries I was very impressed, with 3 kids we don't often go out because it has become so expensive so this was a really lovely change.

After paying for our buckets we were greeted b y a lady at the entrance to the fields who explains all the ins and outs that you need to know- including which field you need to go to, which strawberries are the best to pick as well as not to overload your bucket as it causes the fruit to bruise which I thought was a great tip as there is no use piling your bucket only to get home and half of them are not edible.

It was a bit of a walk down to the field we needed to go to but it was really lovely, the scenery was amazing and the vibe was just great with families and their kids everywhere, laughing and smiles all around, the boys were super excited.

It took us maybe half an hour to pick our strawberries and they were just amazing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than what we buy in stores.

Afterwards we walked back and set out on the green grass beside the field to have a picnic lunch which the owners of the farm encourage you to do- the alternative is the farm stall which also has a small restaurant which sells coffee and other beverages as well as waffel's with ice cream and of course strawberries.

I took the time to look through the farmstall which had the biggest selection of Jams I have ever seen in my life and the prices were reasonable, they also had various other homemade and non homemade items as well as a small winery.

We really enjoyed this trip and the boys had such a great time they passed out as soon as we started on our way home- a word of advice remember to take sunscreen and hats especially for the kids it was very hot and even though the kids were covered we adults weren't and we burnt quite badly.

This really is a trip I recomend especially if you are on a budget- your kids will love you annd its something healthy and nice for the family to do together!

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