Wednesday, 12 March 2014

To Blog or not to Blog

Why did I decide to open this blog, simply put I'm a mom of three crazy wonderful gorgeous boys who make my life a roller coaster ride, it never ending and at the end of the day I'm left with no time and I sit wondering where the time has gone, no time to gym no time to read or even take a bubble bath simply put no me time no down time to just defog my brain and say you know what tomorrow is another day,a friend recently told me I need to take some time for myself to get it out stop being a martyr for the cause of daily living and just do something that will take my mind off everything for 5 minutes...... thus the blog everyone does this for different reasons this is my 5 minutes of my day for me.

My kids are my world they drive me insane with love and yet just drive me insane as well, my eldest Loghan is 6, is ADHD with a Chemical imbalance and symptoms of ODD,born at 36 weeks when I was 19 and in my 1st year of college everyday is new with him, he can go from 0- 60 in the span of a second, he is my most sensitive child we laugh together cry together, everyday is a challenge but I will gladly face everyday with him, he has taught me more than anyone else I have ever met, he has taught me patience understanding and given me strength when I didn't think I had anymore to give, he is the most like my ex husband which can be maddening at times but at the same time he is just such an amazing soul.

My middle son,Gabriel 4 years old is my dreamer he lives in a world of total innocence rainbows and unicorns he will sit for hours entertaining himself without a care in the world, less affectionate than my eldest and the most like me with challenges of his own through allergies galore, his I love yous mean the most because I know that they don't come as easily as with my eldest. My youngest son is 5 months old, such a happy monkey he smiles first and last of the day, though his first few months were full of colic reflux and general ups and downs he has been my easiest thus far. put these three together with my husband who works in the film industry crazy hours that drive me up the wall and you have one crazy mound of chaos.

am I perfect.... hell no am I a good mom hell yes, simply because I strive to give my boys everything I can everyday and I think as parents that all we can do, our parents did it for us through times of ungratefulness times where even though they loved us they disliked us severely, its really such an ah ha moment becoming a parent because you reach a point where you are like holy cow now I understand why my parents did or said this or that. so begins what I hope will be a daily rambling of random topics that enter my day, in doing this I hope to hang onto the tiny sliver of sanity I have left.... if that is even possible

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