Monday, 10 June 2019

OMO 3 x Power Auto Capsules- Product Review.

There is absolutely nothing more divine for me in terms of household cleaning than the smell and comfort of freshly cleaned and sun/air dried linen, seriously I could just die from happiness when I climb into my freshly changed sheets on a Friday night after a long week and then a good few hours 
of household cleaning, just wonderful.

The problem is though, that I have found it really difficult to find a product that includes a softener and smells amazing whilst cleaning properly and protecting the clothing that doesn't heavily affect the members of my family whose skin is so sensitive, I mean both Gabriel and I have broken out in full on hives in the past due to something in the laundry soap and I have tried powders, liquids and pods from every manufacturer on the common place retail market as well as Eco friendly more natural ones and even the basic bicarb and vinegar but to tick all the desired boxes is something I very really get.

Enter OMO and their new 3 x power auto power capsules.

How thoughtful-to add some paint and craft goodies for my kids, the true test of the product allowing your kids to get dirty and then test the product out once they are done =)

With pressures of modern life like increasing time constraints, shrinking of roaming spaces and technology, children and adults are missing out on a vital aspect of their development: PLAY. 

Unilever 2017 research found that the average child around the world spends less time outdoors than a maximum security prisoner

Even though experts agree that there are multiple and wide-ranging benefits associated with the use of technology in our daily lives, ‘screen time’ is perceived to be a key barrier to getting families outdoors. Nearly eight out of ten parents (78 per cent) admit that their children often refuse to play without some form of technology being involved.

OMO power capsules are a 3-in-one product that is both convenient and powerful while caring, removing tough stains and freshening your garments. It allows you to monitor your capsule use and know exactly how many washes you have left without any mess or fuss. Our capsules dissolve faster than the leading competitor, meaning that you get fast and effective stain removal even in a quick wash. For powerful stain removal, extra care and longer lasting freshness, try OMO’s new and improved 3 X Power Laundry Capsules.

So I tried these beauties out over the weekend, I just have to say that when I first opened the tub the smell overwhelmed my senses completely, it was fresh and strong but not in a bad way and I found myself literally smelling the air for a good few minutes after I had closed the tub back up and put it away.

They are really incredibly simple to use I just threw my washinginto the machine (I have a top loader) placed the capsule down the back of the washing in the machine and began my normal cycle, the smell filled the air and when I removed the washing I had no worry over powder residue or items not being washed properly every item was clean and crisp and when they dried the freshness lingered.

However I still needed to see if the product caused a reaction so I got both my younger boys to try a washed and dried item yesterday and I myself tried it as well and no reaction what so ever, no irritation, redness or itchiness from any of us which is amazing to say the least, to know that I do not have to avoid softener anymore is great and the convenience of the pods vs messy powders for about the same price is just so much more worth it to me.

I highly recommend giving this product a try, you all know I do not simply recommend a product I will always give my honest reflection and opinion and will only recommend a product if I can see myself using it again in the future or on a regular basis. I have personally only heard great things about this product and I can happily say that this works for my own family, however if your family does have sensitive skin or has shown sensitivity to cleaning and laundry products in the past I would always recommend testing the product or watching closely after use to ensure that no reaction takes place, everyone's skin is different and what my skin reacts to may be different to what yours does so please as always be aware 


Allow your children the freedom of play whilst knowing that your laundry and clothing will be fresh,clean and cared for.


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