Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Just stop!

Hello everyone, ok so it’s been a while and I am not going to elaborate everything is fine I am just in a sort of slump when it comes to this space and my stomach has been acting up a lot lately and has once again become very sensitive to so many foods so I am in an emotional funk as well but that’s not what brought me here today so lest get on with it shall we.

Now we all know I have 3 boys, now clothes shopping for boys in general can be rather boring, when they are younger you are able to find lots of great super hero related items you can pair a superhero emblazoned top with a nice jean or my kids case fleece joggers because they all hate denim (Loghan has made strides in this department) but overall as they get older the choice becomes rather sparse and boring.  What I have found that is that size wise boys clothing is generally on par, I can buy something from the boys in their size or a size up and guaranteed it will fit; I can change stores and buy the same size and the discrepancy isn’t all too noticeable.

The girls department however is a completely different kettle of fish- now I adore shopping for a girl on the odd occasion that I get to do it and in general I always prefer to gift clothing rather than a toy- clothing is always needed and it can be so expensive so in my case I am that Aunty and I spare no apology for that choice.

So my nieces birthday is coming up and I as per normal took to the website of the store I most frequent for my kids, their sizing and quality is generally great and they are affordable.

I browsed for a good amount of time and found basically nothing, now my nice is my youngest sons age so turning 6 and she is a tall girl but in no way shape or form would I consider overweight etc for a child of her age she is a perfectly healthy and incredibly active gorgeous ray of sunshine, however what I have found for her and I have heard this from several other moms and even grannies; the sizing for girls clothing and in turn woman’s clothing stinks, my niece has to wear clothing several sizes ahead of her and I think it is actually just ridiculous. I mean a child of 6 in 11-12 clothing, I just cannot and if I hold the clothing up in comparison to my sons the differences are incredibly noticeable.

What kind of message are we sending to our girls when they have to up-size several sizes in order to find clothing that fits! I myself can run into a store and try on a 10 it will fit perfectly in other stores I have been an 8 even a 6 if a skirt sits at the waist and flares out and in some stores a 12, I have held up clothing in a store same size different brands and none of them are the same and if you look at very old pattern books for sewing the measurements for what used to be a 34 is now the sizing for a 36 way to go making woman and girls feel good about their bodies- well done.

The other thing I noticed that drove me insane was the style options- my niece is still so young but the sizing options I would need to purchase for her are grossly inappropriate for even girls of the age they are targeting- miniskirts, crop tops the #sayings that make them look like mindless bimbos no man I was mortified- my nice is young and beautiful she loves super heroes and mermaids, shimmer and shine not tiny skirts that reflect your past present and future paired with a mid-riff top that says #selfie on it….

I just cannot fathom the reasoning behind the promotion of bad body image and low self-esteem in girls and woman, it needs to stop…. Just stop.

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