Monday, 22 October 2018

while you can...

It is a crazy thing how the passing of someone you barely knew can have such a profound effect on your soul, last week one of my favorite clients passed away... when I heard the news I was completely shocked and in utter disbelief especially since I had seen him just a few short days before his passing.

I'm sure people would say that it is such a silly thing but my heart ached and I cried like a baby, he was such a wonderful person always full of laughs and quirky jokes, I can honestly say that every time I saw him approaching our office door he would bring a smile to my face and to know that his family will never see him again... I still cannot believe it, he wasn't ill, he was fairly young, it just happened...

The truth is that none of us know when today will be our last and I know this is a very morbid thought but it's the truth and it is times like this that really make you question your path, your worries, that silly little argument you had with your partner... all of it pales in comparison if you sit down and think that today may be the last.

We spend all day worrying over things we cannot control, we remain stubborn and refuse to say sorry, we go to bed angry, we don't say goodbye... if today were your last day how would you feel would you go knowing that you have given all your love, that you have apologized even if you weren't in the wrong and that you lived your life to your best taking in all of the memories instead of investing oneself in the worry and things that take us away from that time with our loved ones.

If you are reading this, take heed and live each day as if it were your last... in a good way; love fully and endlessly, apologize and do not let things remain unspoken to lead to resentment, always say goodbye, always take the time to hug your children and tell them how proud you are are of them. Sit and play on the floor with your kids, read a story go and watch that soccer game, determine what worries you have control over and do something, if you cannot then leave it be there is no use worrying over what we cannot change trust me I am an A+ worry wart I know it isn't easy, but it is necessary and nothing brings that home more than seeing someone else lose these moments, these choices, the chance to love and be loved.

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