Friday, 17 August 2018

Get Involved

Growing up my parents were never the type to involve themselves in school events or fundraising; sports days, raffles, fairs whatever it was they just weren’t particularly interested, as a child it was something I just got used but when I got the stage of my own children attending School I realized just how terrible this way of thinking was and just how important it is to get involved.

The fact is that we bring our children up expecting and encouraging them to go that extra mile, to put all of their effort and time into achieving good marks as well as making sports teams and succeeding in other cultural activities.

What I’ve realised is that we do all of this but we as parents do not take the time or put in the effort that we expect from our children, yes we work, yes it takes time and energy that you may feel is better spent elsewhere, but at the end of the day what is more important than your child’s education? Your child’s schooling institution is the basis of that education, if you do not support the basis of their education how can you ensure that the education they are receiving is the best that they deserve…..

It really has been eye opening to me to see how few parents are willing to get involved or even encourage their children to get involved, time and time again I see the same small group of individuals working their hearts away in order to make an event work or to help ensure that the school has what they need for the students, I see our students every day, their laughter and smiles make my day and I could never imagine a day without them so why is it so difficult for parents to put in that effort to ensure that their children continue to have a place to go to…

The point of my little vent this morning is get involved; time and effort can go a long way and will help teach your child by example, find out if there is a committee you can join for fundraising, if there are items that can be sponsored, if you can offer up your time in any way you have no idea what a difference it can and will make.

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