Friday, 4 May 2018

Gammatek making its mark with Funko at Fancon 2018

I am just going to put this out there I am incredibly envious of all the people I know who were able to attend FanCon Cape Town this year which took place this weekend past at the CTICC, I would loved to have gone and seeing all the pictures come through on social media by friends who were exhibitionists at the event or were just able to dress up an attend grrr so happy for them but so inwardly jealous at the same time.

Anyhoo one of the exhibitors/retailers who set up this year was Funko, if you don't know what a Funko POP figure is best you go take a look because they are frikken adorable and once you set your sights on one you are going to want to take all of them home... its addictive, ask anyone who owns one.

I have seen them displayed at a few of our local toy retailers (pfft) but there are just so many and I can never seem to find the ones I am looking for locally so when I saw pictures of the setup at Fancon I just about died inside because so many options right?

There were 3 exclusive Funko collectibles that were only available at Fancon 2018, which were special editions of King Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, a Maleficent diamond edition (which I spied on a friends Instagram) and Dryden Foss from the new Star Wars release: SOLO.

The  price of the Funko POPs were R249 and then there were also special units like the Hulk Buster from Avengers: Infinity War for R399.  If you were not too big of a collector but still wanted a little piece of Funko, there was Mystery minis, Pintsize heroes and pens for sale as well.

Funko sponsored prizes all round, for all the events taking place during Fancon.  There was a Cosplay competition for the best outfit, a Geek quiz competition for all the die-hard fans and 2 selfie competitions running from the Funko stand namely: a selfie competition for fans to stand a chance to win one of our Exclusive Fancon Funko collectibles and a chance for the cosplayers to win their own character.  All fans were delighted and the stand was crawling with characters taking their perfect picture to enter!

Rogue and Gambit, both these characters have a special place in my 'book' nerd heart

Don't shoot me but I went completely off Game of Thrones, the series anyway, happy to read the books...AGAIN

Everyone holds a secret love for a villain
I know everyone who attended had an absolute ball and again I am so incredibly envious and I really wish I could have got my hands of one of my wish list figures.

Just because I like to dream here are a few of the ones I have had my eye on for ... a while, aren't they gorgeous!

Always a special place for Jack so many childhood memories

Ok this one is awesome #Justsaying

I have a love hate relationship with the portrayal of Harley over the years and her character development but she is still on my list

Ah Sally...

Deadpool 2 people... cannot wait.... definitely a must have

What would our household be without GOW

My absolute favorite villain I adore Bellatrix and Helena's portrayal of her in the movies was superb.
Ok enough fawning for now, do you have a character you would love to own, or a favorite that you do own comment down below and let me know.

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